Today Was Legit!

Today was legit. For the first time in weeks, I finally felt capable of running fast. Not fast as in dang! did you see that chick sub 5:45 min mile type stuff or anything. Just fast as in my first mile back was a 7:46. Shoot I'll take it. I am still battling OTS, as … Continue reading Today Was Legit!



You want to talk so bad right now, that you think you might choke due to the lack of words being able to escape your throat. There is just so much to say; but nobody wants to hear it, and nobody really cares anyway. So you stash it deep down in your gut and let … Continue reading Therapy.

a beth presten kinda night

My in-laws gave me a gift card. The gift card bought me some awesome fleece gear. The fleece gear told me the trails were calling & then my phone actually rang-- and no it wasn't the trails....( I was shocked too).. it was Beth Presten! One of my favorite people on earth! For real! Beth … Continue reading a beth presten kinda night

Wanna talk toughness?

I've quit 3 ultras. THREE 1.) bethel hill moonlight boogie, my 2nd attempt at running 50 miles. (my first finish was a solo run a couple weeks prior, also in extremely high temps, and on the toughest hilliest roads around. 10 hour self supported finish.) @BHMB, I threw up - nonstop- for 6 miles straight. … Continue reading Wanna talk toughness?

Till I Collapse

A collection of thoughts: All I want right now is to run until my body can't take it anymore. Till I collapse. It's how I do it. ALL OR NOTHING. Forget political correctness. Forget what YOU think I should do. I'm not always concerned with "proper training and tapering". Regardless of if I'm training or … Continue reading Till I Collapse

Staying Distracted, Lifting Weights, and a Facebook Rant

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm depressed. Ha. Well....Nah, I wouldn't say I'm depressed. I'm definitely not my chipper -bouncing off the walls- self. I think I'm just really DISTRACTED. I only get down during times when I feel like I should be running, or when I crave a run. Truth is, I haven't had … Continue reading Staying Distracted, Lifting Weights, and a Facebook Rant

Find a freakin’ way!

ALWAYS FIND A WAY. a video by Ashley Ringo Walsh on Flickr. ....TO KEEP FIGHTING (BC when the fighter inside of me won't shut up her growls...I gotta find a way to let her out of her cage. ;)) The entire weekend, I griped that I was missing out on hours of endorphin releasing cardio, … Continue reading Find a freakin’ way!

See, I'm excited.

No Surgery? PTL!

  Yup, no surgery! Surprised everyone, I think! All I will require is some physical therapy and rehabilitation to help me walk again, and eventually run again. I'm very thankful for this news, as I've always had this idea that surgery is the "kiss of death" for endurance athletes. The doctor must know me better … Continue reading No Surgery? PTL!

No News is Good News?

Yesterday I had additional testing done to find out if surgery is in my near future. I still haven't heard from the doc, so maybe that's good? Maybe?!! [MAYBE!] Arthrogram testing was quite interesting. I watched the radiologist put a needle in my hip, and was able to see how deep it went (straight through … Continue reading No News is Good News?

Response to news of hip fracture and possible surgery–

Response to news of hip fracture and possible surgery-- a video by Ashley Ringo Walsh on Flickr.hahaha you kinda had to see the WORST movie ever to think that was funny. So yeah, I fractured my hip a few miles into Hinson lake.. And idiot me ran roughly 80 miles that day before I quit … Continue reading Response to news of hip fracture and possible surgery–