Find a freakin’ way!

ALWAYS FIND A WAY. a video by Ashley Ringo Walsh on Flickr.


(BC when the fighter inside of me won’t shut up her growls…I gotta find a way to let her out of her cage. ;))

The entire weekend, I griped that I was missing out on hours of endorphin releasing cardio, and “weight training isn’t the same”. Daniel and I put our heads together, and tried to come up with a way to get some effective cardio in, without bothering my hip. I plan to kayak, but I’m not quite ready to maneuver the kayak with my core yet. We had initially ruled out boxing, because of the twist incurred while throwing anything solid with a Right. I wanted to give it a shot, though. I got Dan to wrap me up, and I played around on the heavy bag. I found that if I didn’t execute proper form, ironically, and just let loose on the bag, I could actually get away with a good heart pumping workout. It felt absolutely wonderful! All of the aggression that has been held hostage since last weekend was finally unleashed in 12 short sweat pouring minutes. Ahhh-mazing.

You know, I’m really glad Daniel made me stick with my heavy cross training this year, because I wouldn’t have had anything to fall back on for training if he hadn’t. I fought him on it, that’s for sure. I told him it was getting in to my running time, but he kept saying “You’ll need it if you get injured!” He’s always right (WHY IS HE ALWAYS RIGHT?!?!) Daniel is an excellent coach. Point blank. He knows how to lock in to someone’s brain and unleash their potential. He is an incredible motivator, and a perfect model of discipline.

Today, he screamed loud at me to keep going even though he knew I was in pain.

The more I think about it, the more I appreciate it..

It’s great to have someone in life that doesn’t take it easy on you. Someone that KNOWS you’re capable of more.. and forces you to believe it. Someone that will push you to find an open window when every other door is nailed shut. Someone that BELIEVES in you, when you don’t even believe in yourself.

Daniel is that someone in my life. He always has been.

Thanks for pushing me hard(er), Dan.. no matter how much I fight back!

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