Till I Collapse

A collection of thoughts:

All I want right now is to run until my body can’t take it anymore.

Till I collapse.

It’s how I do it.


Forget political correctness.

Forget what YOU think I should do.

I’m not always concerned with “proper training and tapering”.

Regardless of if I’m training or racing: I simply want to push myself until I can’t push anymore.

I don’t care WHEN that happens, WHERE that happens, or WHY that happens.

I know the consequences of my actions.

I know it’s not smart.

I know it “gets you nowhere”.

Do you think I can’t feel the burning sensation from the break in my hip?

Do you think I don’t cringe every time the strained muscles scream at me when I move?

It is what it is.

I run for a different sort of satisfaction.

I crave the morning after a full day of running, when everything is so tight, I literally can’t move.

Maybe I run to feel pain.

Maybe I run because the pain is too much.

Maybe I run because I’m addicted.

Maybe you have no idea what it feels like to push past your limits..and then some.

I don’t care what it needs to be, or what it should be.

I push harder because I hate the things you say about me.

I will push until I can’t.

I won’t stop unless my body forces me to.

I will always work to push that point farther away.

Whatever it is. Whatever it isn’t.

I will run because I can.

I will run the way I want to.

Till I collapse.

I know what I'm made of.

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