To The 15-Year-Old Me

I was driving home from a trail run the other day, windows down, feeling amazing, listening to my favorite radio morning show on KLove. Ahh... endorphins flowing, sun shining... everything is just... right. The host began a discussion that instantly grabbed my attention: "What if you could somehow write a letter to your 15-year-old self?" … Continue reading To The 15-Year-Old Me


The Pistol Vendetta

It was cold in Alcoa, Tennessee that January day. Really cold for a Georgia girl; fourteen degrees to be exact. I was bundled up tightly in my heavy WeatherEdge jacket, old thermal gloves, and layers of sweats, but nothing could ease the bite of the windchill. I pulled my jacket up a little higher over … Continue reading The Pistol Vendetta

Study: Hidden Health Benefits of Ultrarunning

If you're an ultrarunner, you have probably noticed that our sport has become a little more mainstream in the past year or two. Not 100% mainstream, yet, but definitely more normal. Among runners, the idea of pushing past the marathon is no longer that insane, and many have embraced the idea or added it to … Continue reading Study: Hidden Health Benefits of Ultrarunning

Walk the Line

A few months ago, the editor of a major running magazine spent a long time interviewing me for an article about addiction in running. I poured my heart out, but never saw it published. So I battled back and forth for awhile, torn between letting the story go, if I wanted to go there, yada … Continue reading Walk the Line

Okay Let’s Talk: Pandora’s 100 Mile Box

Ahh... this should be a fun post. Do me a favor and read ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM. Things aren't always as they seem!.... running Ancient Oaks 2012- photo by Caleb Wilson So if you aren't on Twitter, it's likely you haven't seen or heard my recent podcasting with Trail Runner Nation. Initially, TRN invited … Continue reading Okay Let’s Talk: Pandora’s 100 Mile Box

#AASugar- Would You Buy It?

I've always been so fascinated with brand power. Nike, North Face, Patagonia, or any other of the bazillions of brands that pop up in my daily life. What fascinates me is how people so often blindly and willingly buy from a brand without any real indication that they will benefit from choosing one brand over … Continue reading #AASugar- Would You Buy It?

100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

All things considered, I had no right being at the Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Endurance Run . But I went anyway, and I'm so thankful I did.... It all starts with a flashback to the week after Hinson Lake 24 hour in late September: I was sitting in the orthopedic's office anxiously waiting for the … Continue reading 100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

Refined by Fire in the Fort Clinch Furnace

**Forgive me for not editing this thing. It's a rough read. I typed it on my phone, mainly in the middle of the night, and over the course of a few days with my kids constantly vying for my attention! I'll take a look at it again when I get to a computer, but I'm … Continue reading Refined by Fire in the Fort Clinch Furnace