Today Was Legit!

Today was legit.

For the first time in weeks, I finally felt capable of running fast. Not fast as in dang! did you see that chick sub 5:45 min mile type stuff or anything. Just fast as in my first mile back was a 7:46. Shoot I’ll take it. I am still battling OTS, as it was very difficult to run that pace. But I don’t really care how fast or slow I was running, because I’m just happy to feel some serious bounce in my step again. I tackled the mountain, then the twisty and root-riddled Cherokee trail for 5 miles. Man, it was a blast to feel my agility and fast reflexes come alive. I’m starting to feel a twinge of competitiveness again, too. I’m sure of it, because I put on my headphones and ran hard to “Move B****” which is a staple on my iPod during any race……ATL y’all….don’t judge….

HAHAHAHAHA! Wow.. Ludacris that was way legit. .Forgive me for posting that video…especially Cindy, my daughter’s preschool teacher, that I know is reading this blog right now… (shame).

Quick here’s another video from my song arsenal to take your mind off of the madness you just witnessed.

You’re gonna have that one stuck in your head all day, but it’s legit music. So.. get over it.

Moving on..!

Check out the stellar cloud combos from the top. So legit.:

And then here am I being like “Are you serious, Wendy? This is legit!”

And if you’re wondering why I always say “Are you Serious Wendy?” This is why…

Haha! So random.

But if you’re wondering why I’ve written Legit like 20 times in this post… you don’t get an answer to that one.. Sorry ’bout your luck.

So yeah that’s all. Today was legit, y’all don’t even know.

…You’re counting legit‘s now aren’t you?

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