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  1. Hey! Really impressed with your story and accompaniments. I noticed on one of your threads, about 14 weeks ago, that you found a chiropractor that was finally able to help your hip pain. I’ve been plagued with an issue similar from overuse, not as much as yours, streaking 1,598 days and 10,049 miles so far and I live just above Gainesville and would like to try them out. My chiropractor moved and so did my sports massage therapist though I never got much relief from them. Any advice? Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment! My chiro relocated as well! I can tell you the manipulation he did, though! He actually adjusted my sacrum, because apparently that is where my main issue was. But he also focused on aligning my hips. I went in weekly for a few months and now I no longer have issues with it. It was the WORST! So debilitating, and made me dread running. Find a chiro who will manipulate you hands on without the silly table adjustments- I would start somewhere simple like The Joint where you can get an adjustment for 20 bucks without a contract or paperwork, that way you can kind of sample a few, and find a good guy strong enough to get your hips into place. GOOD LUCK!!!! Hope you feel better!

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