Response to news of hip fracture and possible surgery–

hahaha you kinda had to see the WORST movie ever to think that was funny.

So yeah, I fractured my hip a few miles into Hinson lake.. And idiot me ran roughly 80 miles that day before I quit in pain. It hurt so bad, but I thought it was muscle related so I kept moving hoping to run it out. Tomorrow I will find out if I will need surgery. Apparently there may be a tendon that is damaging (or already damaged) the hip bone by being pulled too tightly across the bone and as a result- tearing off the bone. The tendon may have snapped, or may be close to it.

Either way, I can’t walk, or do anything weight bearing for a long time….Like months. If surgery- way longer. I’m down, okay, I cried my eyes out.. but I’m okay with it. Promise. Yes, it’s true that running well over 100 mile weeks generally means someone is probably quite addicted to running. So NOT RUNNING basically means NOT BREATHING. Which basically sucks. Lol! But hey, what have I always said? Everything happens for a reason!!! I’m going to focus my energy on planning out races I mentioned in my last post. I’ve already contacted a couple of people about it. I think it will all work out very nicely!! Will feel REALLY good to solely focus on others’ happiness for awhile!

I’m determined not to lose my competitive edge and focus during the next few months. I’ve already got a high count pushup and pullup goal and plans to kayak during the day while my kids are at school. Will be fun! Dan had me out lifting as soon as I got home from the doc. Ha! I know he won’t take it easy on me and I’m glad. That crazy torture loving freak set 25’s down on the ground in front of me and said “go.” (I think really its not about his concern for me, but more that he just doesn’t want a frumpy wife! ;))

I refuse to let anything deter my motivation and discipline!!!!! This year has been (hades) for me- emotionally, physically, mentally. Let’s see– I had a health scare this spring with my spleen, then I almost died at fort clinch (ICU), I cut open my thumb a couple weeks ago(stitched) and then here’s this awesome hip drama and possible surgery. Haha I mean really I have like hundreds of thousand in med bills and no way to pay. It’s been rough. No, REALLY rough. Running all of that crazy mileage this year was my therapy. Not running will be so hard. But the key to going through so much crap in life is to KEEP THE FAITH. GOTTA KEEP PUSHING ONWARD TOWARDS THE PRIZE!! No matter what you’re going through, it could almost ALWAYS be worse!!!! Count your blessings, right? I am. Because there is SO MUCH in life to be thankful for, and not enough time to be sitting around miserable. (remind me I wrote this when I’m crying in a few weeks because im not outside playing and running in the beautiful autumn weather!) 😀 🙂 I

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