You want to talk so bad right now, that you think you might choke due to the lack of words being able to escape your throat.

There is just so much to say; but nobody wants to hear it, and nobody really cares anyway.

So you stash it deep down in your gut and let it simmer.. Let it burn.. Let is suck the life out of you.. Until the tension slowly builds. It rises up and heats your entire core until it finally hits your brain and your head is pounding.

You need an escape- need to run!

Then the cravings start attacking for trail time, because you know the pounding in your brain won’t stop until you either speak your mind or get to that freakin’ trail.

And since you can’t speak your mind..
You run.

You strike the ground with everything you’ve got in your body because you’re so sick of holding all of it in. You can cry, you can scream, you can yell, you can run faster, and you can run farther. You can speak your mind to the trees, or shout out to God above. Do whatever you want to do because when you run- you’re you.

After a few hours-
The pounding stops.
The pressure is gone.

Nothing is solved, no.
Yet everything feels good
….if only for a millisecond.

And that’s why you do it again, and again:

Running is your therapy.

*ps – Don’t freak out- I don’t really need therapy, I just write when I’m frustrated because I love how it flows.;)

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