About Me

photoHi! I’m Ashley!  Thanks for visiting my blog. In 2010, I created this blog as a way for me to track my running progress while training for 100 mile races. Eventually, my love/hate and intensely emotional relationship with ultrarunning took over, and the posts became less about running itself, and more about the stellar life journey running brought me. Somehow, through it all, I drew a crowd, and what was once a tiny personal blog for my eyes only became a high traffic public running diary.

I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart, Daniel and we have two beautiful kids: Brett and Brooklyn. I work in social media marketing, and as a freelance writer.  I spend most all of my free time [and not so free time] running deep in the trails. I crave to run alone in the mountains, the woods, the desert, or wherever I can get! I’ve finished seven 100 mile races, and several other distances. I have won a few things, but I’m not an elite runner, or anything like that. I do, however, have a reputation of gutting things out!

If you backtrack through this blog, you can read various crazy stories including: my scary near death trip to the ICU during a steamy hot 100 mile race in Florida, a hip stress fracture and torn muscle during a 24 hour race, dealing with addiction to running, winning a 100 mile race, witnessing others on their journey, and then eventually deciding not to race 100s anymore. However, I did bounce back two years later and return to the 100 mile distance!ashley3

I’m a social media junkie, and encourage you to follow my journey elsewhere as well! I tweet like crazy here, and will likely offend you or make you laugh. I instagram my daily trail adventures, and blow up FlickR with random snippets of my kids & day. I am not a daily blogger, and usually only post when I feel the need to share something deep, or have a really good story to tell… So check me out, and if you like what you read, follow along and let me know! I love and appreciate feedback from my readers. Happy trails!


People have asked, so…. here they are: My PR’s! They vary greatly due to the multiple terrains I race, and also lack of consistent racing.  I don’t really keep track of this stuff!

100 miles: 19:20 (2014 paved)

50: 8:20 (2011 mid longer race) 10:2x? mountain race

50k: 5:24 easy trail (2010) 7:16 hard mountain trail (2015)

12 hour: 70.04 (2011 paved)

26.2: 3:28 (2013 paved)

13.1: 1:33 (2013 paved)

5k: 20:40 (2011)

Happy Trails!