Training Week 1/1

I am getting crunk again on my feet! However, I’m adding in a lot of rest- because 2011 brought me over 6000 miles of running!! Ouch! Periodization training is the new over-training.
This will be my log this week updated on the reg with pics! Keep me in check blog stalkers;)

SAT- 4:50a 2mi warmup, 2mi threshold, 2 min rest, repeat, run 1 hr easy, 1 mi threshold, 10min easy, 3 hill sprints. Core. & I ran past the titanic. what? yeah-see below for proof via me saying I’ll never let go jack! I’m too freakin stubborn and disciplined!!!!!


SUN- 100 burpee challenge. GAG ME. The mountains are gorgeous. They call to me!!!

MON-17mi trail run. Crap was cold with a strong wind and brutal. I actually had to wrap up in a blanket for the last half, because I’ve been so sick and it was a little too much- but I did it- of course- and I looked like a cross between batgirl and homeless girl mid run. Niiiice.

was so wack lookin it was def worth stopping to take a pic.

Soundtrack of the week courtesy of a throwback album from a few yrs ago that I finally have hard copy of!the bravery favorite songs you MUST
listen to:):
Bad Sun
Fistful of Sand
The Ocean
& of course Believe is always good


Also I found out tonight I get to pick a free R&R 26.2 to run courtesy of Brooks! I had the choice of any one of them across the country, but I chose SAVANNAH because it’s the most local, and fits into my schedule best. Im doing lots of traveling this year, so traveling for a marathon didn’t really make sense. So R&R Savannah will be the only other 26.2 I plan to run hard this yr.

TUE-didn’t do jack! Just wasn’t feeling it.

WED- Woke up early for track work- 800s w/ 400 recovers and additional mileage for warmup & cool down, then a few hours later hit the single track for 14. Still wasn’t really feeling it. I know when I’m in a groove, and I just wasn’t in it today. I love running so much, that when I dont feel like doing it, I should recognize that my body is telling me to chill. I think I’m gonna cross train with Dan for a few days and see what happens. I gotta see where I’m at on chin to ground pushups anyway. last I checked I could handle sets of at least 40. Not nearly where I should be. I’m such a slacker lately. Friggin idiot!

What do you think? Talk back to me!

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