Knoxville: Happy and Hungry

For the past three years, I've attempted to take my running journey from "Ultra Crazy Runner" to just "Crazy Runner" by participating in my favorite marathon: the annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. I would say it's tradition, but really it's just more of a personal running vendetta. Every year, I trade in my easy going … Continue reading Knoxville: Happy and Hungry


The Heart of a Runner

A few months ago while I was out at Badwater, I got a text from my good friend, Beth McCurdy: "Hey girl, I want to talk to you about something, I have an idea. Call me when you get back to Georgia." At the time, I was out exploring Red Rock, the Grand Canyon, and … Continue reading The Heart of a Runner

Badwater, Branding & Deep Thoughts

After Jen and I road tripped all the way from Vegas to Death Valley, it was time to ditch the wheels and find the party. We then joined the race director, Chris Kostman, and his soon-to-be wife Laurie Streff, lounging by the pool drinking fruity drinks and waiting for runners... Bahhhaha! Just kidding. No actually … Continue reading Badwater, Branding & Deep Thoughts

How to Be Ultra Cool

I've never met a truly elite ultra athlete that I didn't like. Ever. I know several, too. All of them have talent just oozing from their pores, world championship titles and records on their legs, and the most humble sense of self to top it all off. But if you move a step lower than … Continue reading How to Be Ultra Cool

Mellow Mushroom, Dragon Tattoos, & a Very Epic 26.2 Finish

So, I wrote a really awesome post a couple of days ago recapping the weekend. It was all about my intense love for the mountains and friends and life and what have you..... ......and then somehow it was completely deleted right before my eyes. Grrr. I wanted to punch someone in the face! For real. … Continue reading Mellow Mushroom, Dragon Tattoos, & a Very Epic 26.2 Finish

Trail Time Pics

I hate when somebody takes posed pictures of me. It feels unnatural....(probably because it is unnatural.) I guess it was fun to be in spikes & trail gear, and not a dress! Thanks, Dan!:) chat with Jen Segger

I had the opportunity to chat with Salomon athlete Jen Segger about her new trail running camp in Canada. It looks like a ton of fun & she's offering 10% off registration to UCU readers. Check it out:)

Double Top 100: LOST

..ahh, and somehow LOST makes its way to my blogosphere again today. Yes, in a word, the inaugural Double Top 100 can be summed up for me as "lost". I was lost physically, mentally, emotionally, and every other-ally I can think of. I want to retrace my steps for you, and take you along on … Continue reading Double Top 100: LOST

The 100 That Wasn’t & The Ashley That Isn’t

I was so pumped to do this race. Anyways... here's the "recap": I was out in the mountains for over 11 hours, ran a good 40-45 miles of mostly climb, and mainly off course. I spent the rest of that time trying to figure out where the heck I was and how myself and others … Continue reading The 100 That Wasn’t & The Ashley That Isn’t

Starting to Wonder if its Over

Today I spent the day in deep thought. Why? Because I had absolutely nothing else to do! The past month has been a little strange.. Okay.. Really strange. I have had absolutely ZERO motivation or interest to do ANYTHING- including running, training, talking to my friends, cleaning, looking cute, going anywhere. Basically I feel dead. … Continue reading Starting to Wonder if its Over