5 Things You Don’t Need For Fitness

You just don’t need it. So stop wasting your money!

1.) Shape-ups, or any variation of the sort. These things are bogus! Come on girls, if your booty is bad out of shape enough, that you consider a platform moonboot to try to make it cute.. don’t you think it’s going to take more than a platform moonboot to make it cute? Simple fix? LUNGES. Lots of them. key word SIMPLE, not EASY. Also I just think Wayne is a sellout for putting his face on something as lame as this…

say it ain’t so, Wayne.

2.)Kettlebell. YUP. I said it. In the real legitimate realm of hard core high intensity fitness.. Not crossfit.. You will never find a Kettlebell. Why? Because there is not one exercise you can do with a kettle bell that you can’t do with a dumbbell. Kettlebells are a gimmick- encouraged by throngs of followers who have no clue what they’re really doing. People use them and feel like they’re doing something risqué fitness wise and that’s simply not the case. A kettlebell screams NEWBIE to the garage fitness realm. Use YOUR brain, and never follow.

3.)Super expensive running shoes. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t matter what side of the fence you fall on for minimalist, or support shoes- if you’re forking over more than 60 bucks for a pair of sneaks- your lettin the big man rape your wallet and your pride. Face it, there simply is not any amount of technology someone can put into a shoe that will make you a better runner… Sorry bout your luck.

Mom! I think I could be at least 3 times faster if I buy these. Plus all the other kids have them!!. <-same thing- just a grown up runner version.

4.)treadmill one of the most unnecessary pieces of equipment known to man- and I own one! Ha! Ironic. I know you’d love to feed me your reasons on why you think a treadmill is great for different scenarios- speed work, bad weather, etc.. but I will fire back with a debate. Try me- right now-try me!

5.)Supplements– including protein powder. Nothing can take the place of good old fashioned hard work- and maybe milk. all of the food and nutrients athletes need were created by someone other than man.
Plus, supplements, like creatine, have the ability to boost your body when it is beyond fatigued, which can lead to overuse injury, and other injuries in lifting & sports. When your body is cooked, it doesn’t need an artificial push to do more, it needs to rest. Then it can rebuild & give you more when it is actually ready.

you can look like this too- if you drink your milk and eat your spinach

Follow Daniel’s blog for training tips & workouts. He’s an engineer, and puts science and tons and tons of genuine research into his training. Very cool stuff! primitiveathletictraining.com

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