Training Week 1/1

I am getting crunk again on my feet! However, I'm adding in a lot of rest- because 2011 brought me over 6000 miles of running!! Ouch! Periodization training is the new over-training. This will be my log this week updated on the reg with pics! Keep me in check blog stalkers;) SAT- 4:50a 2mi warmup, … Continue reading Training Week 1/1


8/22 workouts

Updating as I go... Looking forward to my ultra run with Beth Mccurdy this weekend to celebrate her birthday. She says she wants 42 miles (I'm gonna talk her into 50 ;)) Training is remaining well over 100 miles a week, and I'm not tiredly striving to reach mileage day to day. I'm really just … Continue reading 8/22 workouts