Run... But not until you're tired. Not until you've had enough. Run... So far that there is no turning back. So fast, you're convinced you're untouchable. So much, you question your own sanity. Run until you drench every last layer. Run until your shoes wear thin. Run to it. Run for it. Run away from … Continue reading RUN…


What You Need to Finish a 100

Before I write, let me backtrack a little bit. Summer was amazing! After Amber and I road tripped from San Diego to San Francisco, I took off to the beach, and then spent the remainder of my summer with my 5 and 7 year old, Brett and Brooklyn, in the Smoky mountains. My goal was … Continue reading What You Need to Finish a 100

Walk the Line

A few months ago, the editor of a major running magazine spent a long time interviewing me for an article about addiction in running. I poured my heart out, but never saw it published. So I battled back and forth for awhile, torn between letting the story go, if I wanted to go there, yada … Continue reading Walk the Line

Drinking in a Desert

You can't break away from it. That thirst--that insatiable wretched beautiful thirst--it calls to you like a siren. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, it will attack you without warning...calling out to you, tugging at the deep sacred conclaves of your inner being: You're different. And once you've satisfied that … Continue reading Drinking in a Desert


When I put on my shoes... I put on my courage. I put on my strength. I focus on my goals, and my dreams--I put everything I hope to be deep inside of those two soles. When I tie up my laces... I tie up my insecurities. I tie up my doubts. I tie up who I … Continue reading Shoes.Laces.Trail.Dirt.

Solutions for the Troublesome Outdoorsy Wife

Since the very beginning of time itself, one question has constantly plagued the wives of the outdoor loving breed.. How can a trail craving, earth chasing wife succeed at her domestic duties while remaining true to her wild woman ways? One may never truly know. Yet one can speculate, theorize, and ultimately form a somewhat … Continue reading Solutions for the Troublesome Outdoorsy Wife

Alternative Medicine

Let's keep this simple.;) You've read the posts on this blog, right? Cool.. Then you know I'm a nut job. Well- Daniel bought me some medicine for that today.... The last time my body was physically able to run at 100 percent was February 11. My last real run was 16 miles with 10 of … Continue reading Alternative Medicine

Today Was Legit!

Today was legit. For the first time in weeks, I finally felt capable of running fast. Not fast as in dang! did you see that chick sub 5:45 min mile type stuff or anything. Just fast as in my first mile back was a 7:46. Shoot I'll take it. I am still battling OTS, as … Continue reading Today Was Legit!

3am: Aches and Burns

I haven't been to this place in a long time... Tonight is different....3am Last year I found myself waking constantly in the dead of the night entirely consumed with an intense craving to run. Regardless that I may or may not have already ran three times before nightfall, I would step out of bed, lace … Continue reading 3am: Aches and Burns


Many people in the world today are all about boxes. Pretty little boxes create a perfectly comfortable boxed in life. Living in boxes, eating from boxes, looking at boxes, communicating through boxes, traveling in boxes, with thoughts that fit in boxes-- --what's with the boxes? If anyone dares to try; they could see past the … Continue reading Boxes