I’ve been right,
I’ve been left,
I’ve been wrong,
I’ve been left
I’ve been up,
But mostly down.
-(middle class rut “new low”)

Sunshine. Trails. Rain. Trails. Trails. [TRAILS.] Earth between toes. Wind against face. No plan. No reason.

Someone PLEASE get me out of this box and drop me in the middle of the woods. I’ll have to bear crawl my way home, but that will suffice. As long as I’m not stuck in this bed!

I tried to walk without crutches today and I fell. It was not cool. My mind is getting warped and it’s only been a couple of days. Humans weren’t made to be caged. I feel caged.
I don’t wanna know what mr orthopedic has to say tmrw. I know it’s bad news. Grr. Sean says I can take up wheelchair ultras. Ha. Thx nag.

Everyone else says “chin up!” But everyone else doesn’t know the kind of pain a girl feels when she’s detached from her world- Her place. Her LAND.

“You always learn and grow.” I know…
You know. But does that mean anything really changes? Or do we learn, grow, and suppress? Maybe both.
I want to run. Fast. Hard. Up and down the highest mountains and the toughest climbs. I want to hurt. I want to feel and move.

I just don’t want to be stuck!

Growl. Fun to talk to myself!!!!!! Ha

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