Alternative Medicine

Let’s keep this simple.;)

You’ve read the posts on this blog, right? Cool.. Then you know I’m a nut job.

Well- Daniel bought me some medicine for that today….

The last time my body was physically able to run at 100 percent was February 11. My last real run was 16 miles with 10 of it at a 6:38-6:45 pace. A normal hard effort. The following week, I struggled to maintain and finish a 1:36 half marathon. After that, my body slowly stopped working altogether. I took time off (aka sat on my butt and cried mostly). Then I did Double Top, and ran lots of it since I’m really good at telling my body to Shut The Flip Up, got off course, emotional post.. Etc etc. You remember all that drama, right? Cool.

I had options to fix this breakdown.

All of which costed an arm and a leg and your first born child. (thanks amber I like that one:))

But the real problem was that I am not a fan of docs (except maybe when one know.. Saved my life or whatever in the ICU last year when my body was literally eating my heart…;))

But in daily life, I’m not a fan of people fixing me.

Be it that I am stubborn, faithful, practical, a conspiracy theorist or just a freakin paranoid loon… I’m just not a “go to the doctor” chick. I’m just not…

(I said “I’m just not.” In a really depressing voice trailing off. Y’all got that, right?)

But I needed answers as to what the heck is making my body physically incapable of running, and decided that I would go to the doctor and find out regardless of my antiDoctorisms.

HA! JUST KIDDING!! I went to the freaking bike store!

Isn’t that so something only a moron like me would do?

Hey, Ashley you might be dying or something. Let’s hit the doc and grab you some pills.

Nahhhhh I’m cool, we can deal with that later. Right now let’s just figure out a way to get an adrenaline rush real quick!

<;;;;;;—and that, my friends, is why I am #6 on my mother's list of favorite children.
…..she only had 6….


In my screwy brain, I came up with the theory that my inability to perform is [negatively] enhanced by the presence of acute depression, which will remain a constant until my brain is interacting with the thriving natural world around me,.. Z=mc (2), which ALL means:

I just kinda thought a bike would help me feel better again.

I miss the rush of the trails. And my better half sensed this need for something fun in my life again. So he took the money we would have
used for doctor trips (and pretty much anything else) into the bike shop.. And came to my rescue [as usual] by walking out with a brand new mountain bike.

I don’t know of any other man that would put up with a train wreck of a woman like me. I really don’t!

And no sooner than I got that puppy to the trails was I grinning from ear to ear.

No I didn’t break any speed records, I wasn’t wearing any cool gear, I didn’t even need a freaking water bottle.

I just rode my bike through my favorite single track trails.

Just me, my bike, my trails, my peace, and my happiness.

When I got back, I had a huge smile on my face that I couldnt hide if I tried. A smile that hasn’t been seen too terribly much lately…

“Looks like somebody had fun!” Daniel laughed when he saw me.

….”Somebody did!”….

It may not be a real pill. But for now, its the right kinda medicine.


I love my new bike.

14 Replies to “Alternative Medicine”

  1. I read a lot of what you’ve got here on your blog and at first I thought, this person is going to kill herself, especially after seeing your ICU episode. But then I thought about it some more and realized that even if I ended up in ICU from an injury I got doing aerial arts (I teach and train on trapeze, fabric, etc), I sure as heck hope I would tell my fear where to shove it and climb back up as soon as I could. Way to go. You’re inspiring. And you make me want a bike. 🙂

  2. Sweet ride! When I come down to visit, I will take the baby seat off the back of my mountain bike(or not, maybe someone will need a ride?) and we will blaze through the forest!

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