Many people in the world today are all about boxes. Pretty little boxes create a perfectly comfortable boxed in life.

Living in boxes, eating from boxes, looking at boxes, communicating through boxes, traveling in boxes, with thoughts that fit in boxes–

–what’s with the boxes?

If anyone dares to try; they could see past the facade of their organized box of comfort and happiness to discover what lies just outside the walls.

They would find that the confines of the proverbial boxes leave us completely unsatisfied, and hungry for life in the raw.

Yet, not all of us are suckered into the life of the square. No. Some of us are box breakers.

We box breakers see the box for everything it is, and refuse to fall for the lie. We crave to feed our human instinct. We aim to forfeit societal comfort.

So every day…we get out.


We run, ride, climb, push, try, and explore our way out of the box.

With every new sunrise, we relish the opportunity to ditch the norm. We embrace challenge. We feel pain, and we appreciate it.


Because we don’t want to be stuck inside gasping for clean air.
We want to taste every last bit of life we can swallow, and savor it.

We know we are truly living when we jump out of that box.

We know we were made to be this way; with hearts that are wild and never content.

Contentment would mean that seeking is completely unnecessary. A lack of seeking is a lack of exploration, of learning, and growing. A lack of any of those is a lack of living… a life stuck in a box.

And if you ask me, boxes are overrated.


6 Replies to “Boxes”

  1. On my trip to Costa Rico, so many of the other company folks who were there + spouses, were so surprised by me going off the resort and not going on “organized excursions”. They asked me if I was scared, or “I wouldn’t have done that” or whatever. So many people didn’t even go off the resort and road the little buses everywhere to just go a 1/4-1/2 mile. Maybe they enjoyed being in there little “resort box” but I had to get the heck out. lol.

    1. I love that! I enjoyed your updates and the pictures. I would have done the same thing. Sean told me the other day, “A trail is just a suggestion.”– I love that. Glad you broke out of your resort box, I’m sure it was one of the most memorable trips you’ve ever taken, too.

      1. It was fun but I’ve been on crazier adventures, lol. I’ve never been a resort chick until a family. Tahiti and Belize in my 20s were just a bit more adventurous. lol. Like going scuba diving with no lessons and being lead by a guy who only speaks French. Hmmm..that may have just been dumb. ha
        But yah it was fun. Glad my hubby isn’t too cautious himself.

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