But not until you’re tired. Not until you’ve had enough.


So far that there is no turning back. So fast, you’re convinced you’re untouchable. So much, you question your own sanity.

Run until you drench every last layer. Run until your shoes wear thin.

Run to it. Run for it. Run away from it. Run until you get there. Run until you win. Run for punishment.. to make friends with pain, run to escape it.

Run in places you can only get by foot. Run on ancient trails with sacred stories that make you tremble. Run down roads that heighten fear.

Run to find equilibrium. To make the world stand completely still, just for you. Run until the sun sets, and run again just to see it break dawn. Run because it’s beautiful.

Run to be completely alone. Run to feel adrenaline coursing through your body, through every last vein.

Run in silence. Run to keep it all to yourself. Run to share openly what you really can’t say.

Run to fall in love again.

Run because you can’t afford not to. Because they said you couldn’t. To prove your worth.

Run because you think you can’t.

Run to write your story. To awaken your soul.

Run to feel truly alive, to fight back, to take over control. Run when you realize “comfortable” is not what you signed up for, not what you need.

Run until fear melts under your feet.

Run until there’s no denying you’ve broken the barriers of change.

Run until you forgive them. Until you forget it. Until you forgive yourself.

Run until you find peace with God.

Run to shatter self doubt. Run to crush insecurities. Run to infect your brain. Run to wash away sorrow. Run to taste happiness.

Run to remember the things you wish you’d forget.

Run so hard you cry.

Run until your legs give out. Until your lungs are weak and sick. Run until you fall.  Run to get back up.

Run to become who you were meant to be.

Run until you break.

…And keep running.

21 Replies to “RUN…”

  1. Clean up on isle 7! I had a gushy rungasm when I read “run to fall in love again”! 😉 Messy! Then I start day dreaming of when we met at MB 50 and I fell in love 🙂 🙂 Happy trails!! 🙂

  2. I love this. I’ve come back and read it countless times. Your blog and instagram are my favorites because you are just so honest and real…very inspiring. Thank you for that and for writing this!

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