Anyways. Back to the Running Rambles.

Okay fine!! After numerous texts with you people telling me that I’m crazy if I go dark—and massive voting for blondness—I’m just going to go dark to spite you all! (Especially you: Daniel Walsh…age 26… 170 pounds! Muahaha) Just kidding… Seriously though, thanks for the input, guys. I’ll stick to blonde. Melanie will be happy. She was NOT looking forward to potential darkness I was going to force her to do ;).

Anyways- I always say “Anyways”- I don’t know why. Not “anyway” or “any way” just “….anyways….”

So anyways… enough of the hair shenanigans. I’ve enjoyed being pretty unsocial this week. I wasn’t extremely antisocial, just kept to myself like I usually do, with a bit more nomadic oopmh, and lots and lots of running silence. Gah that feels good. However, I am noticing [and have been given the proverbial slap on the hand by the likes of Daniel, Sean, Bruce, and pretty much anyone that talks running with me] that I’m running too fast, too much. I made a mega step by lowering my training volume, and whadya know, I amped up the speed. I guess most people would be happy that they are running insanely fast pretty much all the time. Yeah, but those people probably aren’t running addicts dealing with a strong addiction to the running high. I am realizing that if I’m toning it down in one area, I’m picking up that slack with the next.  THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A STRONGER ATHLETE. This makes me an over trained athlete. I use to not believe in “over training”.. and I still think that recreational athletes throw around the term like its something they’ve really experienced. Unlikely. They’ve probably experienced TIREDNESS.

It is highly unlikely that a 50 mile week with the majority of your mileage at a 8-10 minute pace will lead to over training syndrome. It is highly likely that a regular 100-140 mile week with 80 of those miles at tempo to threshold pace, tough trails, and with sub 6 minute miles regularly in that mix, will definitely lead to OTS.

So yes, I now believe that I can very easily over train myself, because I don’t know when to quit.

When I am in intense pain, dealing with extreme fatigue, almost puking, or suffering from a lack of sleep [for the past year] I tell myself- just 10 more miles at a 7min pace for 20 total! NO, Ashley.. you freakin moron- That’s not normal. That’s insane. Unfortunately for me, I’m perfectly happy with being insane. Insane means different, and I love being different.

My problem will NEVER be that I don’t train enough, or don’t have enough discipline or motivation. It will always be that I train to hard, and push past my limits, and never properly rest myself for performance…. And for no reason at all. Why does it all even matter??? it doesn’t matter.

My performances are my sprints up stone mountain with my kid on my back, and my audiences are the little old ladies screaming “you go girl!”. Or the 50 mile solo on Silver Comet at an 8:30 pace with no record but my Garmin, and no praise or recognition but from Dan. Or maybe beating a mountain biker around Yargo’s outer– on foot. Those moments make me smile. So who cares if nobody knows about them.. Right?

I guess I’m finally realizing that I just don’t care enough to hold out for a race, because I don’t care enough about what anyone else thinks.

So pretty much: I’m a hopeless case. But, it’s just whatever. 🙂

“It’s just whatever.” Lol.. Not cool, bro, no it’s not just whatever. It sucks!

You are a complete and total nutcase, Ashley Lauren Ringo Walsh.

“The story of a woman that ran herself into the ground, for no reason at all, and has 3 very distinct personalities- according to her husband- and no control over any of them!”


Sorry. I’m tired.. anddd I want to go to Hawaii… actually right where LOST was filmed. Wouldn’t it be incredibly fun to run through the jungle being chased by “the others”? Wouldn’t it?? WOULDN’T IT?! “GOOD GOD CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?!?!!” .. now I’m just spitting off movie quotes.

Yeah, so, anyways… Absolutely nothing was resolved or accomplished in my ridiculously messed up brain with this pointless rambling incoherent blog post. I’m just more confused about my running, my stupid hair, and even more confused about my life! And LOST somehow was thrown into that mix? What the heck!?!! Now you’re confused too!

Hahahah.. yes..may God have mercy on my soul. Seriously!!!!!! So glad He aint picky on who He loves! 😉

Man. I just need to run another hundred...and go to Hawaii. There. That’s all that’s stuck in my brain…for now. DONE!

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