Succumbing to Weakness is Not an Option

So a lot of things have been going on in my little running much that I almost completely forgot I’m running another 100 miler in 2 weeks. That is until I got the confirmation email in my inbox this afternoon that Sean had signed me up. Snap! March 3rd is a heck of lot closer than I realized.

entrants list always reminds you its fo real.

I haven’t been training for another 100. I’ve only been doing speed work-because it’s 2012 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be outrunning zombies at some point this year- and also because I committed myself to slaying a marathon this spring.

AND I’m still planning to slay the marathon. No my legs wont be uber fresh a month after 100, nor will I have optimum training going into the 26.2. However, I have gained something in my past few months of running that I NEVER had much of before: real CONFIDENCE. As I’ve tackled mile after lonely mile at paces I used to dream of hitting, I have discovered an inner strength that seemingly is a force to be reckoned with. I’m noticing it at the end of my runs, when I think I have nothing left. Like Sunday, for instance, I had 16.5 miles with 10 in the middle at 6:45 pace at Stone Mountain, well before dawn, in sub 20 degrees. My feet were so numb, I literally couldn’t feel them. I genuinely doubted my ability to push through a workout. I tried it, however, because Daniel told me not to be a pansy, and because it was a key workout. After 7 miles of what felt like cold knives piercing my lungs, and no fuel because my gatorade was frozen solid, I started to think that 7 miles was good enough. And right at that moment, freakin Eminem shows up on my iPod. HAHAH No seriously, he was talking to me…(just listen to the first few words and then turn it off bc he’s not your grandma’s music) :

And right after Eminem started screaming at me, I ran faster. Finishing that 10 at a nice 6:38 pace.

And as I ran, I kept chanting to myself:


And I’m right- it’s not an option. Nor will it ever be.

Not in a 100, not in a 5k, not in a marathon, not in a workout, not in life.

Next race I do- I don’t care how rested or unrested I am, whatever the distance is- I refuse to deny myself of the one thing I rightfully have gained-my confidence! The right to believe in myself. The right to believe I can do anything and everything I set my mind to. I have worked hard to deserve the right to stand tall in my shoes– and to run fast in them ;).

My “racing season” will start with Run the Reagan 13.1 this weekend. I love this course. It’s flat & it’s fast. Daniel got it for me as one of my Christmas presents, so hopefully I can finish off the Christmas present with a PR. This will be my first opportunity to see if Jack’s speed training has paid off.
Regardless of if it has or hasnt- it’s almost time to run &
LIKE THE VIKING… I WILL NOT SUCCUMB TO WEAKNESS!!!!!! And i will return to kick serious butt!

(LOL watch the first to appreciate the second!)

Thanks Jesse for the viking references. HA!

2 Replies to “Succumbing to Weakness is Not an Option”

  1. There is much you need to learn from The Techno Viking. Take notes on his no nonsense personality, the way to handles his minions, and how he does not need refreshments. Use these lessons in your races and you will accomplish your goals. Maybe then you can climb your way to the highest summits of bliss; which is clearly where The Techno Viking dwells. Cheers!

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