Taper Time- I’m Ready!

I spent 18 weeks training my heart out with ONE thing and ONE THING ONLY- in front & center of my mind- RACING HARD THIS FALL, & more specifically, racing hard at Hinson.

& Hinson Lake 24 hour starts in just a few days!

MANNNN AM I PUMPED!!!! I’m so ready to race. SO READY! I’m 200% confident in my physical and mental training. I’ve never felt more prepared for anything. It’s a good feeling, especially for someone like me, who lives life on the fly, just figuring things out as I go. I should prepare for things more often, ha!

This week is awesome, as I’m just hitting short fast runs, and listening to nothing but rage music. I’m getting a little too crunk probably. I was at a stop light earlier, screaming my heart out to Linkin Park, when I noticed the dude beside me gawking at me like I was crazy….Yeah, apparently I forgot the windows were down.Annnd his were down too. DANG!

HA, so anywho, while we’re counting down the days, Beth McCurdy (who also plans to destroy Hinson), and I keep texting and emailing each other, getting all excited. She sent me something yesterday along the lines of ”Don’t mess with a woman who runs 26.2 miles for fun” in which I replied, “and especially don’t mess with a woman who runs 100 miles for fun.” Hilarious! It’s been fun training with Beth for Hinson. It’s a special bond we have, that we can run for a full day, and dig deep into conversations of 100 mile race strategy like its a normal conversation. Good times.

I love tapering. Its like the calm before the storm. & storms are fun.. all of the anticipation, the fear of the unknown. “Oh my gosh, is that tornado coming our way going to take out our little piece of crap house???” Yeah, THAT adrenaline- I crave it. I LOVE it! And I get it right before a super long race. Wish I could gather it all together and put it in a little jar, all for me to keep.

Yeah, so can you tell I’m excited to race Hinson Lake?!

Eat. Sleep. Breath. Run. …… no, seriously….


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