All in His hands.

Brooklyn deleted my last post. So I’ll write what’s on my mind:)

I believe absolutely everything in life happens for a reason. Yeah, I’m definitely the annoying person who hits a red light while running late and comments that “maybe God’s saving us from a major accident” ..ha

I don’t believe so much in coincidence, or fate.. But rather an intricately and intelligently designed super plan for the universe and all of it’s inhabitants.

I guess that world view has a direct impact on my training, because I am completely at peace and relaxed about everything. I trained my guts out. I did absolutely EVERYTHING I could possibly do to train and run. And every day I prayed that God would bless my training, and guide me through each day. In fact I also prayed that if I wasn’t meant to run, he would take the time and ability away. However, every day brought a large chunk of solid training, and I rolled with it. I also prayed for balance and to never let running become MY LIFE and not just a portion of my life. (After all, I’m mom and wife before anything else- and ALL of those duties come first.) I did my part, and everything fell into place. I’m relaxed in knowing that I did my part in preparation.

So now it’s almost time to start racing. Maybe God will bless my training, maybe He won’t. I’m fine with that. I have no control of the elements, the weather, what goes on deep inside my body, or how anyone else performs during a race. But I know I will be fine with how everything plays out this season, because I know I did my part, and the rest is out of my control. Because whatever happens HAPPENS because in some way, shape or form, it’s meant to happen.

I love not being able to see the bigger picture. Sometimes the tiny portion we do see doesn’t make sense, but I find comfort in knowing that the bigger picture is definitely beautiful… And one day…we get to see the whole thing. One day.

Pretty incredible to think about.

So all that to say: Can’t wait to race! Its going to be fun no matter if its a great race season for me, or if it sucks worse than any I have ever had! Ha. I mean really… Running is fun. Hanging with friends- fun. Traveling with a gorgeous man- REALLY FUN. What’s not to be excited about? No pressure here! I’m gonna play hard, try hard, run hard, give it all 110% and THEN SOME..and the rest is out of my control. I’m ready to see what God does the rest of this year. Good or bad, I’m content.:)

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