8/22 workouts

Updating as I go…

Looking forward to my ultra run with Beth Mccurdy this weekend to celebrate her birthday. She says she wants 42 miles (I’m gonna talk her into 50 ;)) Training is remaining well over 100 miles a week, and I’m not tiredly striving to reach mileage day to day. I’m really just enjoying myself, and my hobby. I am finding that each run is high in quality and effort. That makes me happy, because I’m sticking to my faith based training plan of waking up every day and asking God to guide me in training each day.

Another note- look for my zensah review & new posts this weekend.
Also, dan’s site is back up— see why I let my husband coach me (His workouts make my 100 mile runs look like cakewalks.) primitive

5am: tabata group supersetted with .5mi runs : speed rope, burpees, bicycle
Afternoon: double tabata speedrope, tabata straight leg bicycle

4:30a: 8mi run, 6 ginormous hill sprints,
Airdyne tabata (felt like death.)
Afternoon: 30min spin, 30min core
Pm: fast 13mi trail run

Am-7.25mi trail for speed play
Pm-9.5mi night time trail run with low light

Pm-7mi night run
Pm-Double tabata speed rope, single tabata airdyne (I think I actually cried tears of sweat. I hate those.)

Am-Stone mountain complete repeats with Brooklyn on my back. (stone mtn is 1.3 miles up & 800ft gain on rock trail) 3 hours total
Pm-8mi trail run at recovery pace

Sa-fast 17mile road/trail hybrid

Am-52mi & some change- fast and steady! Got there early to run an extra 10. Had to make pit stops since we were self supported, and those seemed to rack up time, but we kept a nice 9:30ish pace. Enjoyed it! Happy birthday Mccurdy!

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