Fate and the Missing Half

For the last 8 weeks or so, I've been training to run a half marathon. I know what you're thinking, if someone can run 100 miles, why would they need to prepare for 13.1? Trust me, they are NOT one and the same.  Lord have mercy. Ultras I can typically survive with some redbull and … Continue reading Fate and the Missing Half


40 Hours and 1 Minute

At this point, I just have to smile. I really do. But while I was 103 miles into the hardest race of my life, screaming at the top of my lungs over howling mountain wind, convinced my husband had abandoned me... it really wasn't all that funny. How did I get here? Everything had been … Continue reading 40 Hours and 1 Minute

Get Yourself Out Of That Funk !

Feeling low? Slow, burned out, fatigued? Sick of it, done with it, over it--all of it?! I'm there too. And trust me, I know it's a rough place to be. My mileage is currently the lowest its ever been in my entire running history. Many days I don't even feel like running. I'm currently battling some … Continue reading Get Yourself Out Of That Funk !

7 Ways To Secure A Good DNF

I have a 100 this weekend. I know I never wrote about the one I did in November. I have a story to share, but I'll get around to it. Anyway, about this race, I am a little sketched out because it's a full on pavement course. I'm confident I can handle it for the … Continue reading 7 Ways To Secure A Good DNF

It Doesn’t Count Unless

Do you run? Awesome!!! Want to make sure you REALLY run? Well honestly, your sweat, endorphin flow, and great mood really aren't enough evidence. There are some critical steps you must take to ensure your run credibility and legitimacy. See below... You run.You upload it. If Facebook doesn't get to know that you suffered through … Continue reading It Doesn’t Count Unless

Going Rogue at Salton Sea

If you are here looking for a traditional race report on the inagaural Badwater: Salton Sea, you're not going to find it. If you're wanting mileage splits, blister pictures, and name dropping,...you're in the wrong place. This is my story about a journey...and running... it's always about running. COME OUT AND PLAY? So a few months ago, my … Continue reading Going Rogue at Salton Sea

Knoxville: Happy and Hungry

For the past three years, I've attempted to take my running journey from "Ultra Crazy Runner" to just "Crazy Runner" by participating in my favorite marathon: the annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. I would say it's tradition, but really it's just more of a personal running vendetta. Every year, I trade in my easy going … Continue reading Knoxville: Happy and Hungry


When I put on my shoes... I put on my courage. I put on my strength. I focus on my goals, and my dreams--I put everything I hope to be deep inside of those two soles. When I tie up my laces... I tie up my insecurities. I tie up my doubts. I tie up who I … Continue reading Shoes.Laces.Trail.Dirt.

Mellow Mushroom, Dragon Tattoos, & a Very Epic 26.2 Finish

So, I wrote a really awesome post a couple of days ago recapping the weekend. It was all about my intense love for the mountains and friends and life and what have you..... ......and then somehow it was completely deleted right before my eyes. Grrr. I wanted to punch someone in the face! For real. … Continue reading Mellow Mushroom, Dragon Tattoos, & a Very Epic 26.2 Finish

5 Things I Try to Avoid as an Ultra Chick

Why should you take advice from me? Crap. I don't know, you probably shouldn't. Regardless, I'm sitting home on my butt with no work to do, and Daniel is at the store. The result is a post about things I'm either learning to avoid or already learned to avoid being an ultra girl. I'm easily … Continue reading 5 Things I Try to Avoid as an Ultra Chick