8/15 Training update.

So I’m still kicking my own butt over here in lame Bumpkinland, Georgia. I hate this place. Really. Ready for California!!!! (that was yelled)

But I DO love running & MAN are there some seriously sick trails to be trampled on around here. Dan introduced me to a new 9 mile route that I’m in love with. New trails=bliss.

I didn’t feel like running Monday & Tuesday. So I just didn’t run. Instead i just ate and drank and sat on my rear all day. Good choice. I felt like a new woman after that! It was a scheduled low week in mileage anyway, so not a prob. My annoying competitive drive kicked back in Wednesday & I ran myself back to the trails.

Wed- 7.5 mi trail run pushing Brooklyn in her stroller. Kept pace under 9:30 (see video to the left). Brooklyn is almost 4 now, and keeping that pace on trails feels like a 5-6 min pace effort. Very difficult cardio. One of my favorite workouts.

Thu-4am run @ just under 8 mi, followed by 400 repeats & stadium repeats. Early afternoon consisted of tabata intervals and core work, and another 5 mi on trails in the evening.

Fri-technical trail run with Daniel. Left the garmin off and just had fun. (TRYING TO STICK TO MY “LOW WEEK” plans!) I also got in an unexpected workout- Ran out of gas & had to sprint home in the dark. Haha I don’t think I run that fast for my 200s. Good lil extra bit o’ mileage. So fun being broke.. 😉

Hard to stick to running under 15-20 a day. Guess it’s good for me though.

SAT & SUN will bring roughly 50 more miles & mostly on trails. I’ll detail it after the fact for my own reasons, of course.

NEXT WEEK will be a 140 week including a 42 mi birthday run with Mccurdy and some other girls.

POLL RESULTS: MOST OF YOU AREN’T FEELING PUSHED UNTIL AFTER YOU HIT 50-100k?? CRAZY PEOPLE! The next majority think a marathon is pretty freakin far ( I actually agree with you guys on that one!) Thanks for your input, I’ll use it later.


Our favorite buddy Sean Blanton (Fig) is off on another adventure. wish him luck as he hits 109k @ utmb in france. Better bring us back some sweet vids! NAILS, nagg.. NAILS.

No racing until Hinson & after, that’s the new plan. But MAN I’m burning with that aggression and competition trying to get out of my veins!!!

Check back soon for a glimpse into my strange love/hate relationship with running. I’m finishing up a post called “The blood bond” Might make you think I’m psycho, …but that’s cool. 😉

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