“if I was a blade, I would shave you smooth.” love that song

This week is a low week, & strangely, I’m not looking forward to it. Since January, I haven’t done anything less than a 70 mile week. I find that when I get low in mileage, my mood greatly suffers aka everyone hates me! So a low week is not something I’m looking forward to. The intensity isn’t lowered at all this week, so that’s a positive I can be somewhat happy about. However, it’s hard to hammer your body when it’s supposed to be in rest mode. It’s a strange concept… One I’m supposed to be getting used to apparently. Also, I’m signed up to run Fort Clinch 100 benefitting The Endurance Trust on June 25. My training may take a turn, or it may not. I will have to get the input. I will definitely be RACING (as in against my own clock) versus just running it.. as I really need to destroy my body completely, and run it absolutely ragged. Looking forward to that awful pain.

Tues- 1.) 6mi bluegrass intervals 🙂
*music based fartlek. Easy pace until fiddle kicks in & switch up to 100% effort for the duration of it (You should feel lightheaded….& redneck.) majority of this was done on coosa- a steep mtn trail in north ga 2.) pack hiked majority of the day 3.) 30min recovery night run
Total -9mi running

Wednesday- 12mi trail, progressive. Increasing pace from easy start to 100% vo2 finish. Hit the technical hill repeat section of biking trail known as “monster mile” to drain out my legs (it worked).

Thursday- 16 miles on the toughest route around with 2 very fast girls. Trails and road. This one hurt pretty freaking bad.( I told beth I would take tmrw off so we can attack Saturday hard together, but I’ve gotta train my girls. Hopefully I can get more than 4 hours of sleep and maybe catch a nap! :))

Friday- 1.) stone mountain with kids in tow. I shouldn’t count this as a workout, because I didn’t break a sweat. It’s no longer even remotely hard to hike up with a 3 yr old on my back. However, I know I used my legs and it may or may not have any impact on my long run tmrw. 2.) 1 hr easy run without counting mileage.

Saturday- 30mi for speed-done in 4:10. Splits were in the 8’s first 15mi, 7s & 6s 15-25mi, last 5 high 8s and a few rogue 7s.
I couldn’t sleep a wink before the 30. literally did not even sleep for one minute. My whole body was burning with restlessness and anxiety. Sucked. I tossed and turned like crazy and finally decided to screw it & take it to the streets, logged a few miles.. not sure how many & did a workout. Thx bethP for meeting me for the first 20!

Sunday- 5mi recovery & vacation running coming up over the next few days. Heat training -yes.

So my off week was over 70miles packed into Monday- Saturday. Felt good and bad all at once .

But..you know..I’ll never get too sick of the pain. It’s a twisted sort of crazy & fierce love. So I’ll smile, and keep going. Always. 🙂


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