SBER 100 vid

Sean Blanton’s video of SBER(DRTE)100.^

Daniel, Sean, and myself had an amazing adventure in the mountains of Santa Barbara California. The 100 mile race was crazy, fun, & incredibly beautiful!!!! I have dreams about the views at night sometimes!

(visit my flickr page & SBER 100 set for all the photos! There should be a link to the left up there somewhere.)

The pain..err run.. itself was epic to say the least.


My toe was severely destroyed halfway through the race thanks to a crappy choice of shoes, and my 24 hour pace turned into a stubborn death march of chronic pain…BUT.. I finished thanks to Dan screaming at me to shut up and keep moving! 😉 And also, I got lost somehow and tacked on an extra few hours. I have good luck, ya know? I loved SBER and I’m DEFINITELY doing it again next year regardless of some glitches in the race. Hey it made it more of an adventure ya know? This year was awesome because it was like one big family going for a run together with only 20ish starters. We all got to know each other and enjoyed each others’ company for the weekend. But next year will probably be bigger, since Geoff Roes threw down an insanely fast time. My guess is people will want to come out and test it.. who knows? Either way would be fun.The scenery makes this race worth every penny.

This was just a recap, but I’ll add details later. Visit for info on Robert Gilcrests’ race.

check out Sean’s site runbum for more interesting videos and race reports from Sean’s adventures around the globe.


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