With the sound advice and wisdom of some top notch trainers & coaches, my running has officially been revamped. I’m training towards a couple of goals.. My major goal is a good performance at a 24 hour race this year (“good” is all I’m saying). Keep track of my
training if you’re interested & see what happens.

*Monday- 1.)4:30am interval session
90 seconds @ 100% 2 min @ recovery pace- 3.5mi, 2.)evening 6mi tempo- warm up@recover pace, 5.5 mi race pace
300rep core training
Total 9.5mi

*Tuesday- 1.)maximum heartrate/ threshold training on mountain(2mi) with my 3.5 yr old on my back in a kelty pack & additional weight 2.) 5 mi @recovery pace (while pushing stroller) 3.) evening 8mi technical trail run @ recovery pace
200 rep core training
Total 15mi

*Wednesday- 1.)my DO WHAT I FEEL day 🙂 I chose a progressive tempo run. I started at a 9:45 pace and increased quickly to a 5:45 pace over the course of 3.5 miles. & a couple rounds of core work today not sure on the rep count- prob 200-250.
Total 3.5mi

*Thursday- 1.) 5am session training Traci. running supersetted with sets of high jump burpees for cardio and dead leg training. 4 mi/ 70 high jump burpees completed in 33min. 2.) 7mi trail run pushing stroller -1 hr 15min (youuch!)
3.)8mi technical trail run 1hr 12min
200 rep core training
Total 19mi

Weekend plans
Fri- Xtrain cardio
Sat-10mi w. Sarah@recovery 2mi trail hard
Sun-50mi for time

Got cali on my mind…..


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