New Post on, and then some..

Just posted a new article about a woman that really inspired me by traveling the globe for a year having incredible adventures with her husband. If you know me well— well than you know me, and you’ll get why I found this woman so fascinating.

So visit and leave your feedback!

Oh- and also- there is this one little tidbit from earlier that I’m loving, 🙂 check out Goat Head Gear’s new ad! Pretty cool, eh? I am in love with my sole spikes, so I’m happy to have my bare legs on display to show their spiky shiny awesomeness! Sole spikes are my new favorite product. I got to flirt with them a bit on muddy trails before this OTS smacked me like a 4 year old in Kmart. I will feature an in depth review of the spikes for the UCU site soon, so keep your eyes out for that one!


Also huge thanks to all of my sweet friends that checked on me yesterday. Jen cheered me up by telling me stories you don’t even need to know and making me laugh my butt off, Amber reminded me that Im in the BFAC, and i should be happy. Sean disgusted me with recaps of his 100 mile Atlanta run, and several of you simply just told me you loved me and to hang in there!
So thanks, it worked!

In hindsight, I ProllyShouldaMaybe edited that 5 minute crazy emotional nonflowing post that I wrote… But yeah… I didn’t. Ha! Instead the thing went viral and I woke up to it having been viewed a few hundred times and still rising… Mostly from Israel….? Are you serious Wendy?

But anyways. I’m still a neurotic running mess, and perhaps always will be, but I’m not crying on a trail hoping to eat a snake today…… So that’s good.
“The changes in me are likely to be like the weather”

In other news, I have another cool post on deck to share. It has something to do with the infamous Badwater 135, but I’m not running it!!! hmmm… You’ll have to wait and see what’s up!:):)

Stay tuned.

12 Replies to “New Post on, and then some..”

  1. My athletes don’t struggle with issues like these you speak of. They are trained to block out the negative energy from the universe. I could show you these secrets, but you’e made it crystal clear that you don’t want my guidance. Until you train under me, you’ll have serious issues for the rest of your life. Cheers!

      1. Yes, I am serious. You should be too, after your massively debilitating injuries. Sure, my athletes may get injuries from time to time, but that is only because they try to grow a brain and add or take away from the regimens I designate. You could be tasting the glory that is my training, which is synonymous with winning. But, you’re too stupid. Cheers!

        1. Geezzz man, did you even have a mother??!!! Wow. And surely you don’t think I am that stupid, or you wouldn’t be trolling my blog everyday offering me your ancient magic training secrets of the universe! I am not worthy, oh Great One!

  2. Actually, I had 7 mothers growing up as an orphan in different foster homes. I was bounced around quite a bit as a young lad. Made me a stronger person, champion athlete, and eventually coach. When somebody comes to you with the secrets to unlocking hidden running potential; don’t get your knickers in a bunch. You’re wasting valuable time and energy from the universe under your own guidance. You’ll come crawling (or running) to me someday… they always do. Cheers!

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