Hey, Ashley, SHUT UP!

So the last few weeks brought me a bout with mild over training, and an injury brought on by running in Pure Connects for a few intense speed sessions.
Unfortunately, all though I run in paper thin shoes, these shoes set my heel awkwardly, and caused me to over use my quad muscle. It was minor, but over a few weeks of continued training, and yesterday’s race- I’m finally limping on it, and for once, treating it like an injury. Rare for me.. Check this. Can you believe I’m actually nursing an injury?? “Are you serious, Wendy!?”


Pet peeve: people that complain about injuries.
It’s so freaking annoying, ya know? We all run. Everything usually hurts for everybody.
So by all means. Please.. SHUT
UP, Ashley…. (Okay. Sorry guys..)

Yeah so moving on. Shutting up.
I’m racing my 5th 100, in 14 days. If I finish, it will be my 4th finish. Key word there was: racing. Yes, I’m actually going to try to race this one the hardest and best I can, even with the above paragraph just having escaped my brain.

I know. I’m a moron.
It’s cool. Anyone who willingly runs 100 miles is automatically branded a moron in my book, any way. Prob you’re book too.

I do have a plan of attack for this race. I ain’t doin jack for the next 2 weeks. Training hard(er) just became umm.. not training hard(ER). couldn’t come up with anything clever, dangitt I’m just going to let this sucker heal, and then tackle that 100 with all the pinned up energy that is certain to mount up inside of my pathetic little running addicted brain. So help me God! …And that’s basically my race plan.

Nah but really, I dont have a race plan. I guess I’m kinda hoping this overtrained sickly feeling and crap quad will be
out of my life forever, and I’ll have my game face on….


DO I LOOK LIKE I MESSIN AROUD?!!! That’s what yo boi Fitty & me say when we ain’t playin. Take note….. Be scared.

Ha! Well. I do know that I’m running this one solo. Just kicking it into high gear, and hopefully having a fun day on some sick trails. I have been craving some competition, so I’m hoping to find some chicks (or guys) to battle it out with. Even if its only for a portion. I love that feeling of cat & mouse. This course, Double Top 100 btw, has some significant elevation change over the entire distance. It will be a good workout. I can’t wait to race this one. My quad will obviously be a problem if it’s not healed up by then, and I might come out of it with just 1 leg, but that’s cool I guess. It will be worth it. Hahaha gonna hurt so freakin good. Ahhh, I love it.

Anything to race another 100. 😉


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