Climbing Class & Canyon Crave

Loved my first climbing/belaying class. It came pretty naturally, and I climbed to the top of my first wall quickly and easily.



I’m excited to go to the women’s class again next week! The cross training is great for both ultra running & for my training with Daniel. I get to work on my quad strength and my upper body pull strength for fun. So I’m happy I picked this as my “spinach” outlet! Of course- as with any sport I try- I’m sure I will dive in full force to be the best climber I can be. I’m geeky like that. (Plus I wanna get out and climb the real stuff!)

Today I got to get a quick chat in with Amber after I ran to the top of stone mountain.

My legs were a little tired from the 10miles prior, so I just sat up top and daydreamed for a minute. Got thinking about my adventure list- and then my phone rang! Perfect timing! We discussed booking flights, car, and camping for our R2R2R trip (yeah no hotel for these chicks). I told amber maybe we should do some climbing while we were in AZ.. and she was down, of course! I love how we think- always daydreaming about adventures, OR having them;) I love Amber!

We’re like excited little girls…adventurous outdoorsy hardcore ultrarunning type little girls??
Anyway.. I’m really pumped for all of the cool stuff taking place this year.

First up- zip lining adventure taking place this month.

Life is so worth living.

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