1/8 training week

Taking it kinda easy this week…

Sun 7mi trail easy

Mon 12 mi Q1 on extremely difficult route – (fast!)

Tue 11 easy (stayed under 8min pace tho!)

Wed– alarm off at 4, but I was already awake! 4.5mi hilly warm up, 5×800 w 400 recoveries, storm came- so hit the garage for triple round of perfect form- last round maxed until form dropped
20pushups, 3 pullups, 25 running curls(30lbs), 20 weighted full sit ups X2
40pushups, 3 pullups, 30 running curls, 40 weighted full sit ups-final round (got weak past month:-/)

Oh yeah, and today, I decided to sign up for something REALLY crazy. Tell you if it happens!:)

Pm 2.4mi run with new client!! Woohoo!:)

Thu-HILLS AND HEADWINDS! 10mi @ 7:42 pace , & run up & down stone mt


Today was kind of a quad & hammy appreciation day! My legs worked fine today, but I just didn’t quite have enough umphh on the hills. I watched my 7:30’s drop to 8:30on the long climbs & it kinda ticked me off. I felt like I didn’t have a lot of power. Of course Daniel is gonna tell me it’s because I’ve been neglecting tabatas and plyo.. Which of course he’s right.

Sat-27hilly painful miles with an emotional breakdown in the last 3 that resulted in a phone call to my friend amber who always knows just the right thing to say:)

What do you think? Talk back to me!

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