You Know..sometimes a day just SUCKS!!! Seriously.

“I’m havin a bad bad day, it’s about time that I get my way.”

It started out looking like it was going to be an awesome day. I was finally going to get my chance to run. I didn’t get to train at all over Christmas weekend due to being really sick, so I was more than looking forward to a run. What was even more exciting was that dan has promised me a good solid 6 hours of trail time while he kept the kids for me. SO PUMPED! So I got everything together for my run, bought some fuel, and headed towards the park. Whadya know- my brakes completely went out on my POC SUV!!! OMG. I was so scared. I was determined to make it to my run though, so I BARELY made it back home to switch to the mustang & made my way to the trails!

The trail was closed due to the heavy amounts of rain we’ve had here, but I don’t have a problem running on wet and muddy trails. BUT- BURRRRRR! It was so freezing cold, with a sharp wind threatening my guts. I was NOT going to let this deter me. I bundled up in all sorts of layers, stuck my hood up, and took to the trails.


After about a mile- I started to realized that the trails were unrunnable. In all of my years running Yargo in rain, I’ve never seen them this bad!!!! I was disappointed, but decided to roll with it anyway. I ran about 4 miles and it took me almost 50 minutes. I normally hit the 4 mile marker in under 35 minutes. I was feeling worked though from trying to make my way through the raging river of yargo. GRRR! Not liking this at all! *pout*


And then it started raining..HARD…AND my iPhone broke!!!!!  and guess what I see—- the most random freaking thing EVER while running yargo- a smiley face balloon hanging upside down to its death on a tree. What the heck? Really? I mean- how appropriate- Running in the rain, in December, on trails covered in rushing water & mud.. while I’m hacking up a lung from my weekend sickness with a broken iphone & a freaking smiley face is staring me down? That’s not cool. It actually made me REALLY mad. I almost went over to the stupid thing and punched it until it popped, but then I thought better of it… (because how embarrassing would it be if someone stumbled upon me taking out my aggression on a smiley face balloon?.. whatev)


So moving on- I’m still trying to work my way through this pointless run just because I’m so dead set on getting in some daggum long mileage & the ranger drives by. I don’t know if it’s some kind of park law to not run on the bike trails while they’re closed, but dude stopped his truck and stared me down until I made my exit onto the pavement-while rolling my eyes all dramatically like a bratty 13 yr old girl. “Whatever, dad!” Grrrr. So now I was even more mad- you know why? because I REFUSED to get on these stupid paved roads at Yargo this year. I won’t even bother explaining that, but just know- I DO NOT RUN THE PAVEMENT AT YARGO, and today I was forced to.. momentarily….


& then came the cherry on top…. After the ranger was well out of sight, I jumped back into the woods and found my way back to the single track, and it wasn’t but a mile into it that I hear this loud crack over my head. I look up and BAM right next to me falls this ginormous tree. LITERALLY. RIGHT. NEXT. TO. ME…. I mean- had my iPod not broke a few minutes earlier, I very well could have been DEAD.



Yup, nearly getting killed by a tree freaked me out enough to finally get me off the trails. I sprinted back to my car in the cold rain. Sat down, and just cried like a little baby girl for a few minutes… then I punched the steering wheel a couple of times, then I considered punching the glass out of the window and thought better of it, and then I drove my pathetic emotional self home… and now I’m wrapped up in a blanket-mad at the world and typing all about it! I just wanted to run my ultra miles 😦

Stupid brakes on my car. Stupid rain, stupid river trails, stupid cold december, stupid sickness, stupid annoying smiley face balloon, stupid ranger, stupid pavement at yargo, stupid broken log trying to kill me!!! stupid EVERRRYYTHHIIINGGG!!!!! UGHHHH!!! I hate today.

THE END! LOL! Sorry you read this!

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