2012= Adventure Cravings

I have been mentally beaten up over the past month with some strange internal need to ditch running norms and explore some more adventurous run settings.

Amber & I after a marathon- which wasn

It started with a phone call between me and my favorite friend- Amber. Amber and I may as well be twins. We are pretty much the same creation- not only are we both blonde nature loving ultra distance chicks with kids, we both have the same desire to reject settling for the normal humdrum of life and for tackling it in our own unique way. Weve known each other since we were young, grew up in the same small town, but didn’t discover our similar passions until some long trail runs a couple years ago. Amber now lives far away, so we make it a point to have a good long deep conversation a few times a month. Last few months, we started talking about our need for getting lost in the wild- for soul searching, ditching a boxed in life for a bit and exploring creation. We mused about how we love the sun, and how awesome it would be to run some tropical trails, surf, swim, laugh, cry, play, grow, and run & run some more. This led to me emailing my uncle who lives in Ecuador inquiring about running some trails there. Which led to us trying to figure out how on earth we could get to Ecuador without totally interfering with our busy families’ lives, which led to ideas on advntures in the states, which lead to past dreams of running rim to rim to rim- which finally stopped the cycle. Rim to Rim to Rim it is??…

After an all day personal ultra adventure around the town! No race: just exploring & bonding.. Special

Amber is a talented ultra runner, yet she couldn’t care any less about the world of ultrarunning- the athletes, the times- none of it matters to her- she simply loves to have fun while running far. I’ve always loved this about her.

Anyway-Amber started to do a little research of R2R2R & stumbled upon this video of Krissy M & Devon C-H setting the r2r2r record, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNg6CHxcoDU

she sent it to me saying it made her heart smile & a let’s do it -this was kind of ironic bc I’ve been emailing back and forth a bit with krissy for a bit for her interview with ultrachicks. So I emailed krissy to tell her how funny I thought it was that while I was interviewing her on being an inspiration, my best friend found inspiration in her. Krissy’s response made me think a little bit….

This is a great story and I love that you shared it with me. Thank you Ashley and Amber! You telling me this is even more confirmation for doing these things and more for making a way of sharing them with others. One can go have an adventure, but to try to tell the story can add to the challenge. Hearing that people find, enjoy and use these experiences to launch even cooler adventures is exactly what motivates and inspires me. It is like a complete circle in a way (even if that sounds a little cheesy!) I hope you have a Merry Christmas! This is a great gift to me 😉

Everything we do in life with real passion can, in some way, shape or inspire another person in a positive way. I’ve been fascinated with Krissy’s passion for living life the way she does- on the run. And furthermore I’ve always been so enthralled with Amber’s insistence to live life in her own way. Running and sharing it can be a powerful tool to inspire someone to get out of the boxed in life that America insist we pursue- and to find the life God meant for us to have. & by “sharing it” I’m not talking about the hugely inflated running egos that prevail on social media sites with time dropping & distance dropping. Not that stuff- not the people that think they are worthy of Nobel prizes because they run ultras or win a local 5k. “It’s not like they’re curing cancer or something!” -Amber:)) However- the runners that share their emotional ups and downs, their raw lives, their explorations- I think that’s really something. The deeper more powerful side of running is what people need to get inspired to GET REAL.

SO- Not that all of this made sense to anyone but ALL OF THAT WAS TO SAY- I like real. I’m going to be spending a lot of time over the next year focusing on exploring the Earth no strings attached & living life the way I feel it was meant to be led- not chasing down a fatter bank account, a bigger house, or material things- but searching out God’s heart & His creation. I have a serious draw to learn more about The Almighty… not because anyone wants me to, but because I want to. I think He is the key ingredient to the REAL adventurous life that I crave. So I’m gonna search Him out like never before- while running. I know He loves for me to run. I feel it. I’m also convinced I’ve got to provide a life for my children that encompasses this view. I don’t want them to grow up thinking that life is set to kindergarten to college, marriage, house and car loans, working your butt off, buying crap, and then death. I just don’t fall for that. There’s so much more to life. I think it’s a big trick that everyone gets sucked in to. I hope my kids find that there is great depth beyond the predefined boundaries.

Amber and I are planning our first adventure for 2012 for Rim to Rim to Rim. We are in the early stages, but it’s looking like it could turn into something very incredible. I’m also interested in doing some serious soul searching on the AT beforehand. After- I’ve got ideas, but nothing too solid to share yet :). My race I was putting together is kind of on hold right now- same for a lot of other things I am committed to. But that’s fine with me- because none of it has deadlines. I’m just kind of floating through life right now- completely consumed with this current state of mind, and not really able to think of much else. We’ll see what happens next.

What do you think? Talk back to me!

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