Always in the little things.

The answer is YES, I am a psychotic hillbilly..


My kids are my world. Their daddy makes my world go round. I’m so in love with them.


I baked…no, I baked good. Like a Georgia Peach should.. 😉


Thankful for people in my life who are ultrarunners, older, wiser, and able to cheer up a girl when she’s down. This meant a lot to me..


I realized this week that certain places really make me smile! Yargo is one of those spots. Whenever I’m down, I go there and it’s like I’m free- free to think, free to play, free to believe.


This song isn’t new, but it makes me smile too. I love the references to mountains, sunshine, switchbacks, and peaks. All top my “favorite things” list.


In the woods, in the dark, by myself: My favorite triple combo. Fear, adventure, anxiety, adrenaline, courage.. What’s not to love?


Daily life – uninteresting, yet surprisingly raw.

Btw, I know I promised a gazillion articles & race reports. Sorry. They’re all pretty much done. I’m just too stuck in a mental jam right now, and way too flippin busy to hit publish. I’ll finish when I want to.:)

I worked on redoing my friend Jen Vogel’s blog this week. Jen has become a really good friend of mine. She’s been through crazy up’s & down’s with me in our short friendship, & I’m so thankful to know her. She’s an incredible person, and also an accomplished endurance athlete. Check out her blog- not only is it a good read, you can also find her coaching services info here, and read all about her athletic career: http://www.jenvogel.com

Okay so in other weekly news: my first few workouts of my marathon training went very well. I’m faster than I thought I was going to be a week after a 100mile. I’m looking forward to finally shattering those pesky 5k, 13.1 & 26.2 PR’s & then bringing my 100 down where it belongs. Just 14 more weeks of Jack’s hard training & I’m [really hoping im going to be] making peace with those distances.;) time flies when you’re having fun… right? Sweet- then let’s kick it.

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