Scenes from SBER100

“..she dreamed of paradise every time she closed her eyes.”

Couldnt sleep last night, started thinking about running and ultras, and how much it all means to me.. which lead me to searching for pics from past races..which finally lead me to pics of my favorite race! Stumbled upon Santa Barbara 100 Mile pix. I found a few pics from across the web, sorry if I stole anyone’s special stuff. But ughh looking back really made my mouth water for more adventure, and I wanted to gather the pics together here. Being outdoors for hours on end, connecting with strangers, accomplishing a feat you never thought possible, dealing with the unexpected—–THIS IS WHY I CRAVE TO RUN!!!! This is why I dream about pain. This is why I want 100 miles more than anything sometimes!

RD Robert Gilcrest giving me my first buckle (for my 2nd hundred) I got kinda choked up for reasons I can’t actually explain. Emo-tion-al.

He definitely owed me one massive hug & a legit buckle. I was kinda mad at him still, but I did puke in his truck a couple hours after my finish– so I guess we were even at this point.;)

85 miles. Looking rough- feeling rougher- in some random dude’s sweatpants.

“I’m just gonna stand here, because I know if I sit down and hang out with you guys- I ain’t gettin up.” –“You want something to eat?”–“No. I want to be done with this. I’m refusing to eat till I get there.” (bad girl.)
Tiffany Guerra- cool chick.

L2R-Geoff Roes, Ken Michal, Tiffany Guerra, me
^”Sean. I literally just finished 100 plus miles. Stop mack’n on the girls. Let’s GO! I’m freakin hungry!” No really, I didn’t get a real meal for like.. 72 hours. I finally gave up and just went and laid on a malibu beach- “Screw food. Screw running. Screw Sean. Screw Daniel. You guys suck. I’m laying out.”
One of probably a gazillion pics of the 100 mile solo finishers.

Ughh take me back!

^Try climbing ultra miles of THAT in the dark with 44 mph winds, cold temps, in a tank and shorts, a crappy dim headlamp, and a beat up foot. I can check it off my list. 🙂 I LIVE FOR THIS KINDA STUFF. SERIOUSLY.

Ancient Oaks- have some fun for me? I’m ready.

I took a bunch of iphone pix in cali too:

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