Meet The Naysayers

If you have ever attempted to run and maintain very high weekly mileage, set a huge running goal, or maybe tried anything & failed- but dusted off for another go…then this is for you! 😉

Ever encountered The Naysayer Family?

You’ve got Mrs. Naysayer, aka mom, constantly reminding you of how worried she is of your (so-called) “addiction” to running. She thinks you’re obsessed and malnourished. She doesn’t understand why in the world you would do something silly like RUN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT IN THE WOODS.. Who does that!!!? Well you do!….And mom Naysayer thinks you’re nuts and refuses to encourage your efforts.

There’s the little sister, Jade Naysayer, who actually runs quite bit. But she isn’t “obsessed” like you. She would never dare train as hard or as often as you, of course, because that would just be messed up. Maybe because Jade doesn’t want to or care to.. But either way- Jade is a tad angry of her lack of discipline and motivation to try anything harder. She stabs you with her friendly questions of, “What does your husband think about you running so often?” and “When do you spend time with your kids?” …..(grr!) its obvious that she subconsciously [or totally intentionally] decides to try to make you feel bad about your efforts. Jade secretly wishes for your failure, too. You can tell, because she’s just a little too happy to hear about a DNF. “Frenemy”,… anyone? Jade steps up to that plate!

Can’t forget Papa Naysayer.. Dude seriously doubts your efforts and doesn’t hold back saying so. He thinks you’re a weird fitness freak and wonders why you never join him for fried chicken every Sunday. He loves ya regardless, but just don’t mention the R Word around him because then he might treat you like his red headed step child.

Ahh…but the WORST Naysayer of all? That’s Big Brother Naysayer.
Big Bro is your blood… a fellow ultrarunner.. and someone you have always confided in about your goals, hopes, and dreams. He knows you’re crazy! But, he’s seen you train hard and push past limits. He knows the odds aren’t against you…
But he hears others doubting you, and he caves — big bro joins in to throw a log on your huge fire of doubters! Dang. He cuts you pretty freakin deep with a backhanded comment or two. Maybe even nothing he meant to say!? Ah, but he said it..didn’t he. And you now know how he REALLY feels about your crazy training and goals. Ouch, bro.

No matter which one slams you the hardest on any given day– they all cut you deep enough that you start to doubt yourself… start to think that maybe you are a little crazy? They’re all right.. Aren’t they? If someone -JUST LIKE YOU- thinks your head isn’t screwed on just right.. Maybe it’s time to find a doctor???


But then you realize something you knew all along: You don’t need to listen to what anyone else says about you, or to you, because–
You are the same old you!
Good, bad and ugly, you know exactly who you are.

YOU are determined to learn things the hard way. I mean, really if you’ve come this far into the school of hard knocks- may as well find out what the dang lesson is this time!
YOU are the person that won’t even join a freakin running club or membership of any sort – simply because you don’t like knowing that the someone who invited you to it won you over! You are definitely that messed up in the head! Just be a normal runner! Geez..
YOU are so stubbornly competitive, disgustingly so, even. Enough to where you don’t like other recreational runners to pass you while doing loops at the local park (who cares if you’re on your 10th 3 mile loop?!!!!)

But wait….

Yeah you’re strange, but does that have anything to do with your ability to achieve your dreams? Or maybe, just maybe.. Does it help?!

YOU have succeeded at the impossible when everyone else [literally] had money on you to fail.
YOU “never know when to quit”- like Naysayer mom always said – but that’s not totally a bad thing, right?
YOU have NEVER been who ANYONE wants you to be or expects you to be. And that makes you, YOU.
YOU actually thoroughly enjoy running for hours on end in the dark.. because it makes you feel fun and free like a little kid.
(How many people can actually agree with the above statement?!)
YOU have your priorities in line!!! Your family comes first, always. Before running, before anything! You know you’re not hurting anybody with your crazy mileage. So why quit?
YOU are a freakin fighter. You’ve been to Hell, and back again, so many times in your life. Why change anything that’s worked for you before, simply because no one understands it.

So it’s settled then.. You’re gonna ignore those lame Naysayers and fight to your finish.. Just like you always do!

You’re not an amazing runner, no. But you’ve got HUGE goals and Everest size dreams in your little running world. Your heart is totally and completely 100 percent devoted & that’s all that matters for now.


Regardless of what anyone else thinks, says or does. You’re going to continue running all of those “senseless junk miles” (because you KNOW what works for YOU!)

DUH, The Naysayers think you’re quite a big, ridiculous, no-good, crazy running mess.

But do you really care what they think?


Because if you did care, you’d be just like everyone else!

And what have we learned here?

Everyone else is NOT YOU.

…..Time for a long run….

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