7/24 vacation running

Nothing can curb your discipline like a week or so at the beach…
Not me. My alarm has gone off at 4:30 every day (besides my recovery day) for an early morning long run. And knowing I have some doubters, well honestly, that’s just a ton more fuel to my fire. Nothing feeds my drive like someone telling me something “isn’t possible.”
There’s really nothing to detail about my running this week. Did lots of long and slow, and some fast, and some speed play and lots of core work. I based my workouts on time instead of distance bc I was running in sand. I didn’t want to flip out about my pace bc I know it was a good 2 minutes slower than normal. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Also sorry to my friends for being absent from my phone. I did warn you guys though! 😉 I should have just kept the thing turned off, but I use the camera and iPod frequently. I just chunk the thing somewhere in the am, and randomly pick it up throughout the day. And that’s about the pace it takes me to get back to someone…. Sllooow. If you are wondering though, the lack of communication and gadgets have greatly improved my mental focus on very long runs. I’ve found that I can get through just about anything I’ve thrown at myself as a mental challenge, quietly and patiently.

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