7/17 week 1 back in the mid 100s

Fiercely facing all of my giants, and guess what? It’s freakin’ easy.. Stone to the head & they’re dead. I’m full of mental and emotional ammo and I’m using absolutely everything in my arsenal to wreak havoc on my mileage. BUT I’m saving the best for last.
First week shaped out like this-

AM 16.5m
PM 7m
Conditioning XT

AM 10.5m
PM 7m
Core conditioning

AM 11m
PM sprint

AM 11.5m
PM hill sprints
High rep core

AM 4m slow

8 hour 45min adventure run with bff amber!!!!!!

20mi hill/paved/trail

Food consumed during this week:
Not much other than a ton of fruit and over 7 gallons of chocolate milk! Feed me. I’m withering away.


I hurt.
But not in the way you would think.
I hurt mentally.
(My legs are fine.) I just wish I could run more & it’s hard to wrap my brain around the fact that I ran almost 40 hours this week & I still want more. Why? I don’t know.


I wanna get full throttle into the high mileage again. It was hard to restrict it this week. But it was my first week back into the hundreds and i couldnt take it exactly where i wanted to…

You know..
Always pushing limits.
“dangerous”, right? It’s whatev.

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