6/20 – taper


view from yesterday’s night run^

Man… Yesterday’s runs were phenomenal. Gosh. Just pure running, thick with raw emotion. ..YOU KNOW..
Just one of THOSE days!! I’m such a woman. 🙂
I often feel thankful just to be running, feeling, enjoying…breathing. I spend a lot of time in deep prayer during my runs. Yesterday was no different. I started feeling really thankful that I broke away from pretty much everyone this year and started training exclusively. Before 2011 it was all about “what is everyone else doing?” and “I want to go too!” But not anymore..No social media, no wasted time, no communicating with rude people I don’t even care about just to save face, no FOLLOWING. More time with family, more time actually TALKING to friends instead of typing to them… much more time running. Like 25 hours a week running, where it used to be MAYBE 10. I simply just left everyone else & molded into myself. I stopped caring about what anyone else had to say about my running. That change in my life helped turn me into the runner I’ve always wanted to be. A better one. Sure maybe I still can’t race worth a flip.. But I actually can RUN fast for over 70miles. I never thought I could do that, because i never had the nerve to try it on my own! Anyway, yesterday’s highly emotional running was a great way to end my week & prep for another 100.:)

So this week is all about the intense taper. My body is used to the abuse (stacked speed work, 100 mile weeks, quadruple days, etc.) so I can handle it.

10k pm, slow 5mi after
cardio XT

Slow 3mi AM, 5k pm
cardio XT

cardio XT

5k am


Race 100miles

shake out run

Any number with a K after it is done at threshold.

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