“..give me a sign, show me where to look and tell me what will I find…”


You always think you are working hard, until you meet someone that puts your efforts to shame. My goal is to NEVER meet that person.. Even though I know they are out there:). Heading towards another 100+ week of mainly sprint paced workouts & fast long runs. This week is going to be clutch for so many reasons.

~never take running advice from someone unless they consistently cross a finish line first~

1.) 4:30am speedwork with traci: 800 warmup, ladder 400,800,1200,800,400 with recovery 400 in between each set 2.) 5:30a trails with Erin 7mi (1hr)
3.) high rep core work with Ashley
4.) 2nd round of speed work-40min of 400 repetitions, under 68sec each, followed by recovery rep at 8:45 pace, 3 100s @ 14sec with 100 recovery between, set of stadiums @full effort, 2nd round of core work 200 rep.

1.)2mi shake out morning run
2.)7.5mi technical trail – 1hr

1.)4:30a session speed work w/ Jimmy & Traci. 5mi 800s with 400 recovery, WU&CD, &abs. Loved the full moon this am. 🙂 jimmy and traci are both getting a lot faster.. Watch out for them in some upcoming races.
2.)high rep weighted core w/ Ash
3.)hiking with Brooklyn 4mi-this was actually a very important part of training today.

1.)9 mi technical trail/pavement with Mccurdy. Outrunning some sort of wild animal so had to kick it up a notch, Geez..! Discussed some attack plans for fort clinch with BMc. She is one of the few that has seen me completely fall apart during an ultra run, maybe more than once (bethel hill.. Thanksgiving… Training runs, etc) She knows my weaknesses, and always has some great tips and reminders to offer. Nice comfortable pace today. 1hr

Friday-noticed a tiny twinge of pain in my right shin after speed work, but unlike before, I’m not messing with it again this am. Skipped the am mileage (13) and going to test it out tonight on trails. (yes- tonight- one awesome benefit of this style of training is the amazing recovery ability it gives the body.) The remainder of this week is speed work and a couple sprints up the rock, and some recovery miles. Intensity has to go WAY UP for a couple of days.

So, evening total- 12.5, ran yargo outer in 1:48. Couldn’t quite find my groove today, my mind was elsewhere, just daydreaming and zoning out instead of focusing on pace. I felt a little off since I skipped my AM mileage. Happy to find that my shin pain was gone when I started out. Unfortunately, took my 2nd ever spill 3 miles in and tweaked my ankle.. Nothing bad enough to take me out though.
Did a 100 burpee challenge beforehand in 6:30..kinda sapped my cardio (lungs hurt a bit during run–awesome:)) finished with a round of core work.

Weekend plans-
Burpees… Lots and lots and lots of burpees.

Saturday-20 total, split throughout day
Sunday-25 for time (hard trails)

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