Scenes from SBER100

"..she dreamed of paradise every time she closed her eyes." Couldnt sleep last night, started thinking about running and ultras, and how much it all means to me.. which lead me to searching for pics from past races..which finally lead me to pics of my favorite race! Stumbled upon Santa Barbara 100 Mile pix. I …

Back at it.

What a happy girl...^ here's why--- My week looked like this: W- 18m TH-800 repsXT F-13mXT S-6hr run Su-Suicide sprints &XT M-7m XT T-13m Q1workout Fractured?! "Man up." That was my first real training week since I destroyed my hip. It was GOOD. in other running rambles: --------------------It's a soul runner wouldn't understand.. It's …


What are the things that make you, you? ..Every day moments that mean absolutely nothing to anybody, but you. Read. Burn. Discover. Listen. Love. Broken. Disheveled. Healthy. Battle. When you're in pieces, you don't make sense. When you're put together, You're a magnificent puzzle.

UltraChix Interview:Sabrina Moran

Please feel free to comment & share!:) RUNNING WITH PURPOSE:SABRINA MORAN 

Feeling good.

Wow, what an incredible past few months it has been, and surprisingly so.  Broke my hip in the middle of a race [that I trained @ over 100 mile weeks for 9 months to compete in], tore two muscles, couldn't do the one thing I love doing the most, and whadya know? I'm pretty freakin … info

So I wasn't quite ready to open up my site, but somehow its already getting hundreds of views .. URL was shared on FB 🙂 Oh well! So check it out, ignore the stuff that's still under construction, (including the entire layout & the header! sorry!) and look forward to some great interviews with ultra …

Beth McCurdy’s Birthday Ultra

Beth McCurdy's Birthday Ultra, a set on Flickr.Ah, nothing like a long ultra training run. So, Beth texted me a few weeks ago and said, "Want to run 42 miles with me on silver comet to celebrate my 42 birthday? Good training for Hinson." I think it took me like, I don't know, maybe a …

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