Feeling good.

Wow, what an incredible past few months it has been, and surprisingly so.  Broke my hip in the middle of a race [that I trained @ over 100 mile weeks for 9 months to compete in], tore two muscles, couldn’t do the one thing I love doing the most, and whadya know? I’m pretty freakin happy about it all.  Looking back, tons of good is coming out of it.  Just like everything else crappy in my life that’s happened-  I call it the “ashes for glory syndrome”.  God has a funny way of taking the trash in my life, and changing it in to something awesome.

the good??

I am thoroughly enjoying interviewing athletes and writing about them for my new blog site ultrachicksunite.com .  I’ve said in the past couple of months that I’ve wanted to focus on EVERYONE ELSE except me right now, and that’s exactly what I needed to be doing…working on ultrachix- It’s a great feeling. It’s helped satisfy that need of mine.  I sent the link to a couple of women I interviewed, who shared it with their facebook friends, and in just 2 days the site views were over 900 with referrals coming in from all over the place. That’s not a ton, but a lot for me not even sharing it really.  The site is still in the works, like I said earlier, and there was nothing I could do to undo all the views pouring in, but I think it gets the job done for now. I hope that lots of women feel inspired by the site, and that the women I write about get the attention they have earned and definitely deserve.  I am working on my charity race on the side, and will put that on the blog when I’m ready.   Other than that good stuff, I’m having a blast doing everything else I love in life [other than running].  Playing with my kids like I’m 10, cross training with Daniel, digging deep into my Bible studying, boxing, going out with friends… It feels good to not be obsessive runner ashley for a bit…. but just for a little bit 😉 I do feel her coming back, and that’s perfectly okay with me. I love my frame of mind when I’m training hard as nails. Even if nothing comes out of it, it just feels good to push myself as much as i can.

Until my return to crazy running, I’m having fun, see!:) :

party with Theresa
trick or treat!
hiking with client traciparty with Theresa

Today  I’ll be releasing an article on  Ellie Greenwood on ultrachicksunite.com . I hope you enjoy learning about her as much as I did. 🙂 Also, I have a twitter account for Ultrachix. I think its @ultrachixunite ? Not really sure how to use twitter, and I have no interest in using it for anything other than sharing updates from the website.. Daniel makes fun of me because I get frustrated with the stupid thing. I feel like my grandmother probably feels! and as far as the updates to the workout pages, I’ve been doing all of Daniel’s workouts & they are listed on www.primitiveathletictraining.com 

What do you think? Talk back to me!

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