My 5 Most Epic Ultra Fails

I have to be honest with you. I'm sick of social media right now. The whole presentation of "this is my perfectly curated life, and my perfectly executed run" just gets old after awhile. It's not real, guys! It's just not. Most people have a LOT of hard stuff going on in their lives, and … Continue reading My 5 Most Epic Ultra Fails


Fate and the Missing Half

For the last 8 weeks or so, I've been training to run a half marathon. I know what you're thinking, if someone can run 100 miles, why would they need to prepare for 13.1? Trust me, they are NOT one and the same.  Lord have mercy. Ultras I can typically survive with some redbull and … Continue reading Fate and the Missing Half

100 Mile FAQs- For the Nonrunner

I get these so often... And if you've ever even attempted a race longer than a marathon, I know you've gotten them too. It's not their fault they don't understand the ultra sickness. Here's an article to toss their way to help clear up any misconceptions. Q.) 100 Miles? Did you know I don't even like … Continue reading 100 Mile FAQs- For the Nonrunner

Transitional Grit

For the past week, I have been in bed battling a nasty bout of Pneumonia. This morning, I finally felt a slight spark of energy to go for a short run. I laced up, dropped my kids at my Mom's, and headed to the nearest trailhead. By the time I got to the park, I … Continue reading Transitional Grit

It Doesn’t Count Unless

Do you run? Awesome!!! Want to make sure you REALLY run? Well honestly, your sweat, endorphin flow, and great mood really aren't enough evidence. There are some critical steps you must take to ensure your run credibility and legitimacy. See below... You run.You upload it. If Facebook doesn't get to know that you suffered through … Continue reading It Doesn’t Count Unless

#AASugar- Would You Buy It?

I've always been so fascinated with brand power. Nike, North Face, Patagonia, or any other of the bazillions of brands that pop up in my daily life. What fascinates me is how people so often blindly and willingly buy from a brand without any real indication that they will benefit from choosing one brand over … Continue reading #AASugar- Would You Buy It?

Guidelines for Losing Your Century Virginity

Today, I randomly decided to do a 100 mile ride, the Tony Serrano Century memorial ride. The ride is in honor of an avid cyclist and ultra runner that was tragically struck by a car while training for an ironman a few years ago. Though I never met him, today I heard all about the … Continue reading Guidelines for Losing Your Century Virginity