Salomon’s Accidental Sexcapades, oh.. and Lunch!l

Haha, y’all I’m sorry but this is just too good not to blog about or to give a title like that! So.. Sorry, Mom. But it’s funny. Especially since it directly affects me, so I think I’m gonna go ahead and share more…

Earlier today, Salomon Running picked up one of my articles about one of their athletes, Anita Ortiz. I knew they planned to share the article, since their blog writer, Adam C, and I had some email correspondence after I had first published it. If you aren’t a runner, to give you some insight into Salomon’s influence in the running community: their Facebook has 40,000 followers, and their twitter over 8k. So I was happy Salomon wanted to share my article, as my Ultra Chicks blog has been growing very rapidly, and lots of exciting things are happening over there. However, I wasn’t prepared for the insanely good laugh I got next..
Enter- Salomon’s Tweet Heard Round the World!!!

How sweet… Except the link provided is to “ultrachicks .com”, which happens to be probably THE most disgusting display of filthy porn my poor innocent blue eyes have ever [ever] scene!!!!
Y’all fur real.. don’t go to that site because your brain will never forgive you! And God might not either! Ugh! Dear God Almighty please please forgive me for accidentally seeing that devil worshipin’ stuff!
Anyways, so after I got over the shock of this insanity.. I literally could not stop laughing! Why? Because just look at the awful irony of that tweet again! Hahahah! Oh my gosh, I’m laughing again now! I mean… Really…???
“we love it when our athletes get a little love..”
“especially from the tough gals at ultrachicks .com”

LOL! Just too good!!!! Jen couldn’t stop laughing either, and our messages to each other were getting pretty good. Haha. And I finally got in touch with Adam to tell him about the blips that were all over the blog, etc, which got this in response haha “Thanks for the Salomon Love.. Err”


So whew, lots of laughter throughout the day from this, and UltraChicksUnite ironically still got a ton of traffic from it, so it all worked out great!….Well, minus the fact that thousands of people are now having to explain to their spouses that routinely check Internet history No, I’m not a secret freak porn lover, I swear!!…and what have you…

Ha! Wow. Good stuff. Oh and here is the real article and shout out from Salomon Running’s blog: …pretty cool.:)

So that brings me to my next tidbit.. Ultra Chicks happenings!
I’m not going to splurge on any details until everything is solidified, but the UCU gig is getting stronger and stronger. Lots of things are opening up by the day with various running companies, and one thing I’m SUPER excited about too -involving one of the coolest events EVER—but more on all that later….. See, y’all I gotta do stuff like that bc that keeps you people coming to my site every day wondering what’s up! I’m playing mind games with you guys! Just kiddin.. But not really..

…Moving along…
I actually got to catch up with a friend today!..yes the loner girl left her cave and mingled with fellow life forms.

Blog followers, I’m sure you’ve all met Beth McCurdy. And if you haven’t, I have blogged about her enough that you should feel like you know her! Beth and I hadn’t really talked since Ancient Oaks 100 this past December, so a lunch date was overdue. I was actually shocked at what a boost Beth gave me today. I swear she knew all the right things to say. Beth was giving me all sorts of compliments on my writing ability, none of which are currently being displayed in this post, and encouraging me to enjoy my 100miler on Saturday..just overflowing with good friendship type stuff. I really really needed that this week. I have never approached a 100 without an ounce of confidence, and I was scared that was what was going to happen this weekend. Welp, Beth was the remedy, and she talked some ultra sense into my head with things like “You love running trails by yourself all day!” Wellll I’ll be… I sure do… How bout that!!!!?? I was almost acting like a sissified pansy who forgot her big girl panties for the hundred miler! Close one, Ash, close one.

So now, thanks to Beth, I’m tackling the hundred with a fierceness from deep within my gut… And heart… And legs… & kickin that sucker in the freakin teeth.
Can someone text me Saturday at 4 am to make sure I’m still just as pumped? Cool, thanks.

One last quote of the day came from Amber, who was encouraging me to keep it real in life, and what not..thanks, Amber.


Thats it for Wednesday! Thanks for reading all of this randomness. Though I have plenty of deep & thought provoking posts headed your way from the Ultra Chicks site, I’ll try to provide a more meaningful post here as well, soon.. but for now, Dan and I are watching Night at the Roxbury on this rainy Wednesday night.



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