This should be interesting..

Yes… It should be interesting. And it rarely is.

Here’s some random interestingness for you:

*One time, when I was like.. I dunno, 17.. I was involved in a high speed chase. Scratch that.. Actually DANIEL was involved in a high speed chase with me tailing behind in my own car going like 100. Screaming and crying like a baby! Some dude ran me off the road & Dan happened to be behind me when it happened….don’t piss off Dan…. Anyways, it ended in a massive bloody fight between him and a stranger.. AND that’s all you get for that one because my mom still doesn’t know it happened. HA!

*I caught this sucker on Lake Lanier when I was 13 & it weighed 27 pounds. BE JEALOUS. My dad was… his is the pansy fish:

*I was 5 months pregnant when I walked down the aisle to get my high school diploma. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed. Everyone just thought I looked’s cool.. I WAS fat. so yeah. Random.

*When I went skydiving on my 18th bday, I tandem jumped and the guy I jumped with fell on top of me. It was a near death experience.. actually no it wasn’t, but that would be cool if it was.

*I did Iron Girl in 2009, and I was part of a feature done on women with inspiring stories set to air on NBC Sports. Camera crew followed me during the race, and I had a long interview with a massive camera and lights in my face. It sucked. Unfortunately, the time slot was cut & they didn’t air any of the women’s features. Stupid NBC. I’m kinda happy they didn’t air it after all because I was a newbie and I didn’t train too hard and my time totally sucked. So it’s just whatev.

*My mom met Shirley Temple when I was a baby, and she said I was the cutest baby she’d ever seen. And though people say that to every baby, we’re just going to pretend like that’s the first and last time Shirley ever said that. Cool? Ironically, I ended up having my own Shirley Temple look alike.

Yeah.. so anyways! NONE of that was actually that interesting. SORRY BOUT YOUR LUCK!

In other running news. I’m injured again. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Pshh. Whatever. I’m dealing with some strange quad crap. Nothing serious, but it’s kept me from training hard. I’m just going to ignore it and hope it goes away. I know it will probably destroy my chances at Run the Reagan, but I’m going to run hard regardless. I’m a little concerned I’m going to lose some cardio capacity. Why am I always so concerned with cardio capacity? Who cares if I can run 6:45s or 6:55s… ME!.. I CARE!!.. and I CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHY, DANGITT! Lets see.. I decided I’m going to actually race Double Top 100 pretty hard. I initially had ruled out racing it, but I changed my mind. I always change my mind.

Hmm. Anyways. ;).. I have more things to say but they will have to wait until tomorrow. Had some more really awesome running awesomeness happen as a result of the Ultra Chicks latest article. Always cool. Will explain later. Happy Running.

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