Week 1/30 training

Last week was full of great training..but now it’s time to lay the hammer down. No more runnin on easy street! Sorry to my subscribers who get a notification of a partially written post, but updating as I go is a great way to keep my training in check.

Mon what a beautiful day. I slept for 1.5 hours total last night. Pathetic! But somehow, I felt fine when I woke up.. must’ve been that sun shining! (I’m sure it will hit me later on! It’s usually the next day after an all nighter that I’ll feel like I’m dragging.) I already did both of my running workouts for the day. I had an awesome training partner for the first workout.:). Workout 1: 9 miles Yargo singletrack 1:18 (8:40 pace), Workout 2: 7 miles Harbins doubletrack :59 (8:25 pace).


Tue I headed out on some new trails today (that will remain unnamed b/c I’m one of those people that hates crowded trails) & decided to stick to my training plan & hit some recovery miles. I ran 4 miles at an easy pace. While I was out there, I just couldn’t stop thinking about Brett. This morning, he had cried his eyes out saying he didn’t want to go to school. He has a strict teacher this year, and he said she always yells at him and punishes him for things he didn’t do. Brett is a genuine good kid. Anyone can tell you that. He is shy, sweet, respectful, and never causes trouble at home or anywhere. I hated to see him sad this morning, but encouraged him to tough it out while I planned to have a meeting with his teacher. However, when I got on the trails, I just felt like I wanted to hold him. Felt like I needed to be “mom to the rescue”. Whenever I feel like life is stressful, I always take to the trails.. So why shouldn’t he be able to do that too? I jumped off the trails, drove to Brett’s school, and checked him out. I watched him walk down the hallway from his class in confusion, but with a big smile on his face. “What’s going on, Mom?” he asked. “Can’t a mommy just take her kid out to play in the woods for the afternoon?”…”What?!! Really?!! This is awesome!! I love you Mom!” <— that made it totally worth it:). So we went to Harbins, had a picnic in the sun, had a long talk about Brett's life, played hard on the playground, and then got out his bike for a little trail adventure. Brett is really good biking single track. I run behind him, and I have to run fast to stay on his tail. He's good! He did a little over 2 miles while I ran behind him. It was so fun. And I feel like it was just what we both needed today, it was really special. I’m happy it happened. I also did mile repeats with Traci – 4.5 miles sub 6:30 repeats. WAY TO GO TRACI! Mileage for the month of January was 309.65 Pretty freakin low! I’m actually proud of myself. I listened to my body this month!

Wed 10mi single track easy. A few more on the menu for after the kids go to sleep.
Thu today was my easy day, with my choice of workout. All I decided to do this morning was 5 easy miles around stone mountain.. I did that in 38 min. Then I ran up to the top (1.3mi on garmin) and back down for 7.6mi total today. Couldn’t go back inside because it was beautiful out- so spent the entire day playing with the kids outside. Honestly I’m too tired for anything else now!:)
Friso if you’re one of my Flickr followers, or Cindy bc I talked to you on the phone today- ha, I said today I was resting.. Soaking actually.. Instead of doing my long run. I didn’t think I was really feeling it today, and was trying to listen to my body. Well- that lasted all of 20 minutes.. I got all spiffed and cleaned up and then dirtied myself right back up! oops I kept it on the short side, at least! Just fast:) 7 miles in 47:25

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