8/8 8 months of torture in the books

Built Ford Tough. by Ashley Ringo Walsh
Built Ford Tough., a photo by Ashley Ringo Walsh on Flickr.


But it wasn’t really torture bc I loved every minute of it. Especially now, when running so much is like second nature.

I’m feeling fit, fast, tough, and confident. Continuing to push myself, but staying smart & remaining very focused..& HAPPY!

Early am- 800 repeats w/ 400 recovers
Late am- ran up & down mountain with Brooklyn on my back. (She’s almost 4)
Afternoon-8mi technical trail
Pm- 1 set tabata intervals

Early pm-14 mi technical trail
Late pm- 7.5 mi pave

Am- tabata
Am-7mi tech trail pushing Brook(ouch)
Pm-400&800repeats, stadiums

Early Am- 9.25mi progressive tempo, 100m repeats, stadiums
Early Am- tabata abs
Pm-6mi recovery
Pm- tabata burpees

Early Am- 11.75mi paved, steady/ fast
Late Am- 5 mi stroller- route PR!
( hit 6min flat several times. I knew we were flying when brook shouted at the finish: “wow, mom! You won the 1 mile race! Great work!”:))
Noon- 2.6mi mountain run with brook on back..

Pm- 15mi trail for speed (w/ Magnum!)

Am-10mi trail am
Early Pm- 3.75 with my lil bro!:)
Late Pm-7mi trail

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