Training resumed 7/10

I set out to do a hike, and ended up running 12 miles on trails.. Oops. It was definitely labored & hard, but I expected that. No chest pains like before. Just a general out of shape feeling from laying in the bed for several days on end. I don’t plan to start knocking off 100+ weeks again just yet, but I no longer have ruled out an aggressive race schedule for the fall. A couple weeks of speed work and I’m fairly confident that I’ll be back where I was. Everything is on hold mentally for me though, until I finish out my run at clinch, right where I passed out, and not a step further. Gotta finish what ya start….

AM outer loop @ yargo, minus monster mile hit the inner loop instead for that mile. VERY easy pace, held back on climbs.
PM sledges, tire press, pushups, 300 rep core, 1 mile cool down run

AM isometric training of entire lower body, 300 rep core

20 mile speed play including mountain climbs
PM XT heavy

Wednesday thru Saturday plans

5mi track, 9 mi easy
12 mi trail, XT strength
5k track, XT endurance
6 hr loop

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