My 5 Most Epic Ultra Fails

I have to be honest with you. I'm sick of social media right now. The whole presentation of "this is my perfectly curated life, and my perfectly executed run" just gets old after awhile. It's not real, guys! It's just not. Most people have a LOT of hard stuff going on in their lives, and … Continue reading My 5 Most Epic Ultra Fails


How Stella Got Her Groove Back

A couple of days ago, I posted a photo on Facebook & Insta of a spreadsheet I've been using to [religiously] track everything I can relating to my body and training. After a couple of messages with concerned friends, I felt maybe I should clarify exactly WHY I am tracking to such an extent!  Hint, … Continue reading How Stella Got Her Groove Back

100 Mile FAQs- For the Nonrunner

I get these so often... And if you've ever even attempted a race longer than a marathon, I know you've gotten them too. It's not their fault they don't understand the ultra sickness. Here's an article to toss their way to help clear up any misconceptions. Q.) 100 Miles? Did you know I don't even like … Continue reading 100 Mile FAQs- For the Nonrunner

100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

All things considered, I had no right being at the Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Endurance Run . But I went anyway, and I'm so thankful I did.... It all starts with a flashback to the week after Hinson Lake 24 hour in late September: I was sitting in the orthopedic's office anxiously waiting for the … Continue reading 100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

Ultra Food for Thought

Ultrarunners love to talk food. And believe us, we all know the best and right way to eat. (All of us!) There's one end of the spectrum, and they are the super healthy eating elite. In this category you'll find: paleo peeps, uber organic yuppies, naturalists, vegans, non-processed, whole foods addicts, "the earth is greater … Continue reading Ultra Food for Thought

New Direction

So after a day of sulking in pain, being stuck in bed watching old movies, THINKING, and PRAYING, and finally just sitting still for a few hours.. My wheels started turning. WHY would racing ultras not be in the works for me right now? I know why. Because it's self-serving. WHY is something self-serving not … Continue reading New Direction