100 Mile FAQs- For the Nonrunner

IΒ get these so often… And if you’ve ever even attempted a race longer than a marathon, I know you’ve gotten them too. It’s not their fault they don’t understand the ultra sickness. Here’s an article to toss their way to help clear up any misconceptions. Continue reading

100 Miles to Trusting My Gut

All things considered, I had no right being at the Ancient Oaks 100 Mile Endurance Run . But I went anyway, and I’m so thankful I did….

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Ultra Food for Thought

Ultrarunners love to talk food. And believe us, we all know the best and right way to eat.

(All of us!)

There’s one end of the spectrum, and they are the super healthy eating elite. In this category you’ll find: paleo peeps, uber organic yuppies, naturalists, vegans, non-processed, whole foods addicts, “the earth is greater green” runners.

Across the other side resides a whole different breed of runners: jellybean popping, gu sucking, coke drinking, beer guzzling, pizza scarfing (and OFTEN) fast freakin’ runnermothers.

Of course there are always people on the fence. A lot of us go back and forth between the opposite ends, or a lot of times stay somewhere smack dab in the middle. Race food is different than every day food, after all. Have your cake and eat it, too! Right?

No wonder the food topic fascinates us ultra geeks. So many options for our crazy little strong-willed minds to grasp hold of and run with.

So.. Which way of eating works best?

I know what works best for me..

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New Direction

So after a day of sulking in pain, being stuck in bed watching old movies, THINKING, and PRAYING, and finally just sitting still for a few hours.. My wheels started turning.

WHY would racing ultras not be in the works for me right now?
I know why. Because it’s self-serving.

WHY is something self-serving not in the works for me right now?
That’s easy. Just reread that sentence.

Too much focus on “me” is way toxic, and dangerous. Especially if I don’t realize it’s happening. When it starts to happen, even subconsciously, God smacks me down like a 4 year old in Kmart.

I learned a lot about life training to race Hinson and other races this fall. I definitely became a better runner and athlete, and (in my opinion though it doesn’t really count) a stronger person.
But that doesn’t mean a thing unless I put all of those life lessons I learned this year to good use.

Am I really making a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of others if I’m chasing my own dreams down? Nah.

So how can I remedy this? How can I bring my passion for running, racing, training, family, trails and LIFE all together in a way that pleases the God I live my life for?

Well.. I prayed about it while I sat here on my hurtin’ triple marathon+ injured and sore booty today, lol, and here’s what’s been flowing through my brain since:

It’s time for me to GIVE way more of myself instead of doing way more for myself.

I want to create some VERY low key, yet competitive, ultra races with 100% of proceeds going to various homeless shelters and food pantries in the Atlanta area. I have a few in mind.
I’m thinking maybe donations, and things like blankets, jackets, food, etc. as entry fees.

We have amazing trail systems here, like Yargo and Harbins, and all of us local runners have put together some crazy challenging routes to train on. I’d love to invite others to try their luck on some of our toughest training courses.

I have a huge amount of resources I can pull from to make it work. I also have some direct links to people in critical need, and ways to help them.

I’m going to keep moving in this direction and see where God takes it. Maybe it’s what He is wanting out of me. Maybe not. Only one way to find out. I’ll send out some emails today and go from there!